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Found 4 results

  1. Greetings, forum. I'm pretty close to publishing my first CDLC, but I want to do some final adjustments. I'm having trouble setting the sections (orange lines at the bottom) so that they are grouped in actual sections of the song. (i.e. Intro, Chorus, etc.) Here's my current section & phrase arrangement: Each phrase is also a section. I've even seen this kind of charting (or what looks like this) in some ODLC, but mine has an issue when you use Rocksmith suggestions, such as "Riff repeat this Intro." It doesn't select all of the Intro sections to repeat, even when multiple of them are next to each other. Sometimes it even decides to "repeat" one of the empty sections, which serve as breaks and purposefully don't have any notes. I have them separated to give the track a cleaner look, so I'd rather not include them as part of a phrase with notes in it. In my interpretation, what should happen is that it RR selects all of the green-underlined phrases, even if some are empty of notes, because they're still part of the intro. Under the actual sections, I've added colored lines for how the orange sections should be grouped. Green is Intro, teal is Chorus 1 and 2, blue is Verse/Bridge, doesn't matter with regards to the song, and pink is Outro. The best I've gotten is to have the second chorus and outro to be like in the image, but the rest is never aligned. Also, in case it's relevant, I've color-coded some of the phrases that have the same "phrase" in EOF. (so that when you change the difficulty of one in RR, the others follow suit, because they're played identically, even if used in different sections) The phrases marked green don't start with a note in the first beat, and the first note isn't on a beat, but rather between two beats, which I've heard may cause problems, (does it, though?) but I'd rather avoid altering those phrases if possible. Question #1 Is what I'm trying to achieve even possible? If someone could show me how to make this work, or, if it isn't, explain to me the logic of how and when RS decides that two phrases are or aren't in the same section, that would be great. In my experience, sometimes an empty section belongs to the non-empty section before it, sometimes after, sometimes neither, and I just don't see the consistency, there's no reference material to figure out what makes it do what it does. I've done way too many variations of setting P, S and PS markers in different places in EOF, way too many to remember, go through and analyze. Suffice it to say, if I succeeded, you wouldn't be reading this. If you have spare time, it would be cool if you'd create & send me an example track to show that it works, because I've read a lot of topics on other people's' problems and after trying all of the suggestions, I still haven't arrived at my goal. Question #2 Does it matter to RS where you place which section? Does Rocksmith/RR care if you, for example, put an Outro before an Intro? Or a post-bridge, bridge, and then pre-bridge? If yes, any guidelines or rules on how RS interprets the sections would be useful. I don't have any formal ed. in music, guitar or anything related, so all I can do is make a slightly educated guess, but I don't even know what half the sections mean. For all I know, that could be one of the reasons I can't chart the sections correctly, but my assumption is that they're just user-friendly labels and, under the hood, are identical. I know I'm not supposed to make my song unreadable, but that should be at my own discretion. I know you can make your own, not predefined ones with Shift+P and ticking the "section marker" box, but EOF complains about it not being a real section most of the time I use it, so I don't create sections that way and use Shift+S for them instead. Question #3 Unrelated Q that I don't wanna make a separate topic for: is there a "best practice" for altering a track's volume? Mine is way too loud and the Loudness Factor settings in the Song Creator Toolkit isn't doing enough. I've set the LF to 0, but it's still way too loud. Best to set it to the default and make the song quieter. The original song is an MP3, but there's no point in doing anything with it because EOF already auto-generated a SONG_NAME.wav. My guess is to use Audacity on the .wav, make it quieter, and then re-do the Wwise part. Should that be good enough? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Do I have to make 1 phrase per section (so many sections) or should I make many phrases per section (i.e. if there is multiple riffs in a long verse)? Also, can I select each phrases individually in RR if they are in a single section of RR cycles through sections only?
  3. I know that in a normal situation I have to change something on the sections or in the handshapes but in this case it makes no sense at all. Correct me if'm wrong but I can't find any problem with this HS in the Last section of the song. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2dAm5utc-VcTHhpVkdrME5RUTg project: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2dAm5utc-VcaGptcTg5VlFxTDA
  4. Was working on a song and I noticed something odd: Had a song with 13 sections. DDC generated just fine, but song would crash in Rocksmith. Looking at the DDC output, I noticed it only had 12 phrases generated (it's a fairly repetitive song). When I deleted 2 of the sections from EOF and repacked, it worked (it now had fewer sections). Is this a bug with DDC or Rocksmith?
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