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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, I have an issue with one of my CDLCS where it crashes after the tune up. This issue only occurs with the Lead arrangement. Rhythm, bass and vocals work just fine. I've edited the lead file and rebuilt the p.sarc file multiple times but the problem still persists. Here's a link if you cold take the time to check it out and potentially fix it. Thanks. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1TpCcc2Y-neB1Obkxx6KIHQqt9qiAhZq3?usp=sharing
  2. If I switch from rhythm to lead I get a buzzing noise coming out of the speakers until I go back to rhythm. The buzz is so bad I won't use it until I can solve this problem. I have removed everything from laptop like all extra usb devices, moved laptop to another room, ran off just the battery, even took it outside. I found this problem just a few weeks ago because I felt like it was time to learn the lead side of songs. Thanks in advance if anyone can help.
  3. so my issue is that i want to listen to my guitar and not the lead guitar of the cdlc songs. is there a way to mute the lead because i cant really listen to my guitar thus i cant detect where i did mistakes, cant improvise etc.
  4. I have unashamedly 'borrowed' this idea from the official Rocksmith forum from Ubisoft, the original thread is right here (have used an anonymiser just in case linking to Ubisoft from here is a bit dodgy!) and full credit goes to P308R for coming up with the original idea! :D spiritofcat on there has done the following tutorial on how to record your Session Mode stuff on your PC, here they are: People on there have been uploading their tunes/solos to Soundcloud here. I've had problems with very low guitar sound the first time you start Rocksmith and Audacity but quitting Rocksmith and restarting it seems to fix the issue. I'm full of Prawn Balti at the moment but will have a go in an hour or so and upload something...but be warned - I'm a bit pants lol :mrgreen:
  5. Hey all So I made a CDLC for the song 'Tire Me' from RATM's second album 'Evil Empire'. The bass is mostly ok but the guitar path needs a lot more work. I need your feedback and help with : The solo (the way it's tabbed right now, it sucks) And the tones So here's the link (PC only), please leave your comments and hopefully it will be released pretty soon.... Thanks https://www.dropbox.com/s/ak6tlryb7ut7zj9/Rage-Against-The-Machine_Tire-Me_v1_p.psarc?dl=0
  6. So I'm working on a project that involves a solo with two guitarists harmonizing with each other. However, there are three guitars in the solo. Two guitarists harmonizing with each other, and the third guitarist providing the rhythm. Should I combine the two guitarists into one and just use an octave pedal to create an artificial harmony, or have the second solo guitarist in rhythm? From what I understand, people stick to rhythm when they want to only play "easier" parts of the song, whereas the lead guitarist prefers to do the "harder" parts. What are your thoughts?
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