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  1. i recently upgraded to windows 10 but now when i launch rocksmith an error message pops up saying: ERROR SOUND INITALIZATION No audio output device detected. please connect and enable an audio output device and restar Rocksmith 2014. i have checked and my audio devices are working but still rocksmith gives me this message. is this a common thing? can sombody fix it?
  2. I come from the Rock Band modding community and am mostly used to using REAPER for all of my charting. I find EOFs UI to be archaic and difficult to work with, especially since I can't place notes by using the right mouse button (which is the default on literally any other MIDI editing software). Not to mention that the documentation that comes with EOF is very vague at what exactly to do when creating songs for Rocksmith. I know this all sounds kind of nitpicky, but it's genuinely unpleasant to use the program for any length of time for me.
  3. Hi ! Second post on this part of the forum and once again requiring assistance Little background story : I have been working on a CDLC and everything was going well, the Rhythm part is finished i just need to arrange the tones, the vocals are fine BUT i have a big problem with my lead which is now messed up and i don't know why. After seeing that my lead had a bug which i couldn't understand, i started working on another project thinking that i wouldn't have this problem but the same bug came along... To put it simply, on EOF everything is fine, no problems then i use DLCBuilder and make my package and then make the DD using RSToolkit BUT when i put the song on Rocksmith the parts are completly messed up and i don't know why or how. I use TuxGuitar with the tab that i export and save as a .gp5 and then put it on EOF and sync the song with the tab i use, i still follow the tuto even though it's kinda starting to be natural to use both of these softwares. If someone has an answer for this kind of visual bug i would really be grateful because as of now i can't go forward if this bug keep on blocking me. Thank you very much in advance for your answers ! To show examples, it looks like this to me :
  4. Hi everyone, I've played rocksmith for a while, but this is my first voyage into CDLC. I've been attempting to convert PC CDLC files to ps3 through the toolkit, but I always get an error message. I've attempted different songs and tried two different computers, but the error message always pops up. I've seen a couple other users mention the error, but never a fix. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
  5. As the title says. Any GP5 files I import have their repeat close and open parts completely ignored. Tested with this tab. The screenshot shows where the intro notes start. The Time signature is way off and the notes don't start in the right place. The whole intro section is 140BPM.
  6. RS audio disappears from my headphones during the loading splash screens - when I alt-tab and switch my audio to my headphones directly (instead of via my Elgato mixer) it returns. It happens at that EXACT SPOT - the little Rockstar logo - every time. My boss is potentially having the same issue and while his is more critical than mine, if I can get mine fixed, I can hopefully get his fixed. Full video of mine here: Any ideas??
  7. Help guys, i am like a poor man using No cable launcher for plauing rocksmith, and i wanted to play with my friens in multiplayer, i connected cables with Jack–Minijack into computer, one in inline, second into microphone, and launcher says player 1 and player 2 have the same input device ids make it different otherwise multiplayer wont work How can i fix this? I don't have any interfaces because i am poor LOL, i connect cables using built-in sound card Please help
  8. Hey guys, I wanted to learn the bassline to Remind Me by Patrice Rushen so I went ahead and learned how to make CDLC. I've uploaded v2 to the database here. I got the tab from DarthMart (YouTube link). While I'm not done yet, much of the work was done for me, so props to him for the awesome work. So far, I still need to do the lyrics but after looking at a tutorial for how to do them, I haven't had the time and I'm not 100% familiar with the song yet. I'll get to it but if anyone's up for the challenge, I'll send the song file over. The bass tone is currently September by Earth, Wind, and Fire and it sounds decent but doesn't quite match the original. The bassline in the original is actually a synthesizer and not a bass guitar so I'm not sure how close it can get but this is my first CDLC so if anyone has suggestions for a better tone from a different song please leave a reply or if you want to make a tone let me know and I can send you whatever files are needed. Thanks for checking out my CDLC. If you notice any sections that are out of sync or have incorrect notation please leave a reply and I'll do my best to fix the issue. Complements and constructive criticism encouraged just please be gentle, this is my first attempt lol.
  9. Hi all! For the last year, or so, I've been using Ignition4 to enhance my musical library and now I've decided that it was time for me to give some contribuition. I'm trying to create Audioslave's Wide Awake bass CDLC, but I'm running at some unusual problem that is a desynchronization of my waveform and the actual song, after I've added the Leading Silence. You can see from the screen shot below that my wave starts and after a second the sound begin (yellow dot). What is most intriguing is that as soon as the silence is added, is synchs nicely - after I rewind the song to double check, it desynchs. I've uploaded the Ogg file and would be very thankful if someone could lend me a hand on this, since I've already tried messing several things. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZKJruM4tM0kjYf8lDzTw_HlsX0s0i8Js/view?usp=sharing
  10. Need help with a Custom I created. I've made several ok Customs in the past without too much problem. But after generating this custom in SC Toolkit, I struggled for several days to get this one to show up in RS Remastered, having got rid of all errors in EoF. I used the latest hotfix EoF and Toolkit and used CFSM repair on it to no avail. I checked for updates of D3DX9_42.dll and had the latest. In this process I came across a link on CF to Rocksmith Patcher. In desperation I gave this a go and suddenly my custom works perfectly. I don't think it right to post on Ignition just yet as it could cause a lot of people agro as it did me. If I start RS thru steam it still doesn't show but starting with the patcher it is great. I'm hoping the experts here can solve the problem, so it works no matter how you start RS. Here is my custom: Frank Zappa San Ber'dino Here are all my files used along the way: Files Also feel free to download to try it out. It might just work for you. Let me know. The patcher is in there too, if you need it. I would appreciate it if anyone can make a suggestion or even better tell me how to fix it so It's postable on Ignition and good for anyone to use. Cheers, mczero PS. Thanks to all the guys at CF for the new Ignition and their work gradually getting rid of the bugs over the following weeks. PPS. Dropbox deleted my Files linked above yesterday. I've put them back up now if you want to make your own version.
  11. I recently reinstalled this game and I noticed that the CDLC is not loading past the tuner. What happens is that it shows the amps and pedals screen and the song chart itself doesn't load. I can still play the guitar and see soundwaves coming out of the amps but thats it. This is only happening with CDLC songs. I have downloaded the D3Dx9_42.dll file from 2014. The thing is though, it was working beforehand so I have no idea why its doing it now.
  12. I need this shit gone, so i can convert these Rocksmith charts to Pro Guitar for Rock Band 3.
  13. I'm new to EOF, and I only want to use it to convert Rocksmith files to Pro Guitar for Rock Band 3. But none of the import options have .psarc as a file choice. wat do?
  14. Heyo! Just today I was able to successfully import a .gp5 file into EoF and get the Drums working perfectly. However, after I finished one song, I moved onto the second song I wanted to work on where I ran into this recurring problem. For whatever reason, now whenever I import ANY type of content, there is a vertical red bar that shows up on Bar two which automatically stops the track from playing further. I tried testing in Phase Shift, and the song just loops the first bar over and over. In the Editor, you can edit beyond that point, but you cannot play the track or hear any audio. The crazy thing is that since this started happening, it happens everywhere no matter what. I can't even go back and edit my old track. I just tried reinstalling, and that didn't fix it. I even installed it on a brand new hard drive. Please help!!! I am going to throw my PC out the window again. Best, Levy
  15. Why am I always asked to log in when I click on "Browse the CustomsForge CDLC database", and when I login, I always return to the homepage. A loop begins :o
  16. Hello everyone I need help. I'm looking for a tip on how I can extract my songs that I purchased from PS4 Rocksmith remastered, and bring them into Steam, so I only need one system? I know how to convert them, but haven't found a way to actually get the PSARC files that I bought out of PS4. Thank you.
  17. I recieved a pm from a member stating that a cdlc of mine was not available. I went to my dropbox account and got a message saying that the account was logged in from another browser, which I've never done. Dozens of my files (cdlc's) are gone. Any ideas as to what may have happened?
  18. Hi, I could need some help with a custom song that keeps crashing Rocksmith. I don't know if the EOF file already has the error in it or it is from later in the process. Here is a video of the crash (at the end where the video suddenly hangs): But even during the song there are errors lighting up where at that moment no notes should be played (because of song level). I could really need some help. Here is a link to the working folder of the song:+ https://tinyurl.com/ttsxv63 Any tipp what causes the problem and hwo to fix it is welcome. Cheers, Adrian
  19. Hello, So I had to reinstall Rocksmith on a new computer, the old one bricked. I loved playing My Kinda Party by Jason Aldean, but cannot find it on the CustomsForge search. Could anyone please PM me and kindly send me the psarc file for My Kinda Party? It would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, David
  20. What's up people, while browsing around the web for a solution, I was unable to find any no-cable workaround for using an audio interface on Mac. Then I stumbled across this gem. Worked like a charm, got my M-Audio 2x2 working perfectly with Rocksmith immediately, and wanted to share for any other Mac players! All credit to the original video creator https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMiHKBIjQe0
  21. I can go thru my song list, but I can only click to a certain point. Once it gets into the individual song menu, the ability to open the player, score attack or anything else ceases. I seem to remember this was a thing last year but dont see a fix. Thanks for your help!
  22. Hi there, I recently uploaded a new CDLC and everything went as usual. Later I discovered that the CDLC doesn't show up in my uploaded CDLC's (Ignition, Creators, Uploaded CDLC). Also I can't seem to find the upload via the search function of Ignition and also I can't open the record page (http://customsforge.com/index.php/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/50-iron-maiden-riffs-r44904) -> "Sorry, we couldn't find that!". I didn't have this strange error before and tried to contact the admins zanzibarnights and firekorn and didn't get an answer. Strangely I just discovered that the conversation to both of them got deleted? :blink: Did anybody have this issue before? How can I get rid of it? Is anything wrong with my CDLC? Thanks in advance! Cheers!
  23. Hey guys I need your help. I Upload songs and it shows up and i click it to start but the "tab" and fret board thing doesn't show up. I see the speaks and I can play freestyle but no song or fret board. I bought the game through G2A.com and it's the full remastered game with the free "hey ya" ect. DLC . I also bought cherub rock by the smashin pumpkins but still no luck :( Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking/reading!
  24. I have not been able to play rocksmith on my laptop for over a month now and i cant seem to figure out whats wrong, the game used to work perfectly and out of nowhere it stopped working, I've contacted ubisoft, steam support and i even looked around in Reddit and no luck please help. here's a link of what is happening to my game. ps this is my own video that i uploaded to youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Opx0-EKrxZs
  25. Hi Guys, Does anyone have "Astronomy" by Metallica that they could re-post or fix the link in the database? The download link doesn't work at all. Any help appreciated. Much Love.
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