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  1. Im not a techie. I uninstalled RS 2014 from Steam. Where are the remaining files I need to delete? Thank you
  2. I have tried deleting/reinstalling RS and Steam.
  3. I can go thru my song list, but I can only click to a certain point. Once it gets into the individual song menu, the ability to open the player, score attack or anything else ceases. I seem to remember this was a thing last year but dont see a fix. Thanks for your help!
  4. YES! that helped me find other threads that ID'd High Seirra as the culprit. It looks like there is a .ini (?) change i can make, but not sure how to access this line. Still working on it, thanks for the help! if you know a good thread on this please let me know
  5. Last year some type of update prevented my mouse (Mac powerbook) from clicking on options. I could use my cursor to hover and highlight, but clicking did nothing, Id have to press enter, no big deal. Now my Rocksmith will load up to the main title page, I can put my cursor on BEGIN, it highlights, but nothing seems to activate it. Now pressing enter (or any key) just gives me a "dunk" tone. Any ideas appreciated, thank you kindly
  6. Ive downloaded almost 100 CDL's from here and almost 30% fail for me. Sometimes the note highway wont scroll, sometimes it wont even get to the note highway. Not clear why. Sometimes a delete/re-download will work, sometimes not. There has got to be a denominator here, but I am unable to ID it. On almost every track that DOESNT work, I CAN still play in score attack. WONT PLAY FOR ME - Houses of the Holy Ramble On Come Together Waiting for the Sun Wonderful World
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