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Found 2 results

  1. I figured it's probably time to make a topic for this, given my and @@cdeath's activity over the past few months. So, here goes! Songs are done by me unless noted otherwise. All songs have riff repeater, and those done by me have .psarcs with DD available at the download links. All songs are in D standard tuning, except for the bass part on The Edge of Forever, which is in D drop C. Symphony X 1. Into the Dementia 2. The Raging Season 3. Premonition 4. Masquerade 5. Absinthe and Rue 6. Shades of Grey 7. Taunting the Notorious 8. Rapture or Pain 9. Thorns of Sorrow 10. A Lesson Before Dying The Damnation Game http://i.imgur.com/1Z63lQk.jpg 1. The Damnation Game 2. Dressed to Kill [LRB] by @@cdeath 3. The Edge of Forever [LRBV] 4. Savage Curtain [LRBV] 5. Whispers 6. The Haunting 7. Secrets 8. A Winter's Dream - Prelude 9. A Winter's Dream - The Ascension The Divine Wings of Tragedy http://i.imgur.com/pJX0iY0.jpg 1. Of Sins and Shadows [LRBV] 2. Sea of Lies [LRBV] by @@Daikano 3. Out of the Ashes 4. The Accolade [LRBV] 5. Pharaoh [LRB] by @@cdeath 6. The Eyes of Medusa 7. The Witching Hour 8. The Divine Wings of Tragedy [LRBV] by @@Daikano 9. Candlelight Fantasia Twilight in Olympus http://i.imgur.com/c89Gyay.jpg 1. Smoke and Mirrors [LRBV] 2. Church of the Machine 3. Sonata 4. In the Dragon's Den [LRBV] 5. Through the Looking Glass [LRB] by @@cdeath 6. The Relic [LRB] by @@cdeath 7. Orion - The Hunter 8. Lady of the Snow V: The New Mythology Suite http://i.imgur.com/ERc83yd.jpg 1. Prelude 2. Evolution (The Grand Design) [LRBV] 3. Fallen [LRBV] 4. Transcendence (Segue) 5. Communion and the Oracle [LRBV] 6. The Bird-Serpent War / Cataclysm [LRBV] 7. On the Breath of Poseidon (Segue) 8. Egypt [LRBV] 9. The Death of Balance / Lacrymosa 10. Absence of Light [LRB] by @@cdeath 11. A Fool's Paradise [LRBV] 12. Rediscovery (Segue) 13. Rediscovery (Part II) - The New Mythology [LRB] The Odyssey http://i.imgur.com/fMTCYQw.jpg 1. Inferno (Unleash the Fire) [LRBV] 2. Wicked 3. Incantations of the Apprentice 4. Accolade II [LRBV] by @@Daikano 5. King of Terrors 6. The Turning [LR] by @@cdeath 7. Awakenings 8. The Odyssey [LRBV] by @@Daikano Paradise Lost http://i.imgur.com/DcX4Dje.jpg 1. Oculus Ex Inferni 2. Set the World on Fire [LRBV] by @@Daikano 3. Domination [LBV] by @@Daikano 4. The Serpent's Kiss [LRBV] 5. Paradise Lost [LRB] by @@cdeath 6. Eve of Seduction [LRB] by @@cdeath 7. The Walls of Babylon [LRB] 8. Seven [LRBV] 9. The Sacrifice (I've looked at this, and the bass tab's not complete and not always accurate) 10. Revelation (Divus Pennae Ex Tragoedia) [LRB] by @@cdeath Iconoclast http://i.imgur.com/9muZdOT.jpg 1.1. Iconoclast [LRBV] 1.2. The End of Innocence [LRB] by @@cdeath 1.3. Dehumanized [LRBV] 1.4. Bastards of the Machine [LR] by @@cdeath 1.5. Heretic [LR] by @@cdeath 1.6. Children of a Faceless God [LRB] by @@cdeath 1.7. When All is Lost [LRB] by @@cdeath 2.1. Electric Messiah [LRB] by @@cdeath 2.2. Prometheus (I Am Alive) [LRB] by @@cdeath 2.3. Light Up the Night [LRBV] 2.4. The Lords of Chaos [LRB] by @@cdeath 2.5. Reign in Madness [LRBV] Underworld http://i.imgur.com/ODjRnc9.jpg 1. Overture 2. Nevermore [LRBV] 3. Underworld [LRB] by @@cdeath 4. Without You [LRB] by @@cdeath 5. Kiss of Fire 6. Charon [LRBV] 7. To Hell and Back [LRBV] 8. In My Darkest Hour [LRBV] 9. Run with the Devil [LRBV] 10. Swansong [LRBV] 11. Legend [LRB[ Works in Progress: If you have any works in progress, post in the thread and I'll put them here and make sure that we don't duplicate our efforts while working on these songs! Updates and Fixes: Let us know if there's anything that we should fix. The more specific and easy to implement your advice is, the better! So if the tab or sync is wrong, can you tell us where, and how to fix them? If the tones can be improved, do you have suggestions for tweaks, or other tones that might work better? The more specific your feedback is the more likely we can fix those problems! -Album for Rediscovery Part 2 is marked as "V - The..." instead of "V: The...". The song title should also be made to match the official. -@@cdeath - The song title for The Lords of Chaos is currently "The Lord of Chaos" -I will work on resyncing and re-polishing many of my songs. A few older ones still need resyncs, and among other polishing things, I realized I should set hand positions more carefully during tapping sections. Future Plans: If you're planning on working on one of the songs in the near future, or you really want to get a shot at a particular song, let us know and I'll post it here. When new tabs from Underworld get posted I'll try to get them linked here as soon as possible. I really want to do Legend, but I could be convinced to let other people try some of the other songs :)
  2. http://www.allgigs.co.uk/images/object/artist/72071/Iron_Butterfly-1-200-200-100-crop.gif Time for another project, that I can sporadically work on whenever I feel the need. :) Iron Butterfly has been one of my favorite bands ever since I got into music from the 60s and 70s. As famous as they are for "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida", most people don't even know anything else about them. So, I think it's fair to say, that they are still extremely underrated because the songwriting and musicianship was a lot stronger than they are usually given credit for. The songs may be short and simplistic for the most part but there's not a single one on their first four albums (let's just disregard their two mid 70's busts) that I don't care for. Especially the tunes on "Ball" are catchy as hell and really every song has a bass line that adds movement and excitement to the track in a way that it seldom does in other bands. I would say Organ and Bass were most definitely the central elements of almost every song. The guitar always stays back, has a lot of reverb and isn't up front in the mix like the bass, so you can always make out those amazing lines by Jerry Penrod, who left after "Heavy", and then Lee Dorman. Both were amazing bass players and had a very similar style, so for a long time I always thought it was the same guy playing on all the albums, when in fact every member apart from band leader Doug Ingle left before they recorded their second album. The big question remains, if I like them so much, why have I never even tried to make a custom of one of their tracks before? Well, when I started out making customs, I couldn't transcribe yet and their weren't any good tabs around (and there still aren't), so I had no choice to move on to other stuff. After I got the hang of transcribing bass parts, I was still hung up on always trying to deliver full packages that include arrangements for all instruments, so I put it on hold until I would be able to transcribe the guitar parts as well. I've improved a lot since then but, tbh, I still have trouble with guitar parts and I'm tired of waiting, so I figured: fuck this shit, I'm just gonna make bass only customs because that's what I really was interested in from the start. I think no other band has inspired me more to become a bass player and even after learning so many different bass lines and styles, I still find the bass work on those IB tracks awe inspiring. They make me crab my bass every time I fire up a track wishing I could play along now but alas, I'm not that good. So, grunt work it is and because I couldn't decide on where to start or which songs to "customize", I just figured, I'd do them all and proceed chronologically. When I say, I'll do them all, I'm probably lying, but we'll have to see how far I can get. Obviously, I won't work on this continuously but I'll try to do at least one or two each month. Heavy Possession Unconscious Power Get Out Of My Life, Woman Gentle As It May Seem You Can't Win So-Lo Look For The Sun Fields Of Sun Stamped Ideas Iron Butterfly Theme In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida Most Anything You Want Flowers And Beads My Mirage Termination Are You Happy In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida Ball In The Time Of Our Lives Soul Experience Lonely Boy Real Fright In The Crowds It Must Be Love Her Favorite Style Filled With Fear Belda-Beast Metamorphosis Free Flight New Day Shady Lady Best Years Of Our Life Slower Than Guns Stone Believer Soldier In Our Town Easy Rider (Let The Wind Pay The Way) Butterfly Bleu As usual, if anyone wants to help out in any way, let me know. ;)
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