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  1. Hey man just stumbled across this trying to find stuff for my daughter as she wants to learn to play the guitar. Will get her started soon and let you know progress periodically. thanks for these man, just what i was looking for!
  2. Super excited to see what you come out with anthem! I know what you mean about finding good new music. It's almost impossible. I'm glad someone enjoyed it as much as i do .
  3. whats up yall. first off want to thank all of you in here for making these songs available to learn. They have given me countless hours of enjoyment, not only for myself but for my 5 kids as well. I've searched far and wide on this site for either cdlcs made or in progress of St. Paul and The Broken Bones. Not sure if theyre just not on anyones radar yet, but this band should definitely be up on that list with the old soul masters. This is the first band in an extremely long time that from the first note on their album had me hooked. I figured this was the best place to ask if anything is in progress, and if they are not on the radar i figured i would put them on it. once again thanks for all you guys do and hope for some st paul cdlcs soon. First song of the album:
  4. Still Waters (Long Version) by the Four Tops would make my summer !
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