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  1. Bandfuse looks pretty cool. I like the music video that plays along.
  2. Holzwurm, Hi, if you can't wait for the Steam's Spring sale. You can buy it off Ebay for $12.99 and the seller will give you the Steam code for Rocksmith after you paid for it. I bought Rocksmith 2014 of Ebay on Monday for $20.00 and it was legit. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rocksmith-PC-DVD-ROM-GAME-ONLY-NO-CORD-OR-STICKERS-NEW-/161470079348?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item25985de174
  3. kiren, I think most guitarist prefer playing along with other musicians, and Rocksmith offers it. My son got interested in the guitar because of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, so I paid for lessons. From what I noticed was beginner guitarist are less motivated and tend to stop after awhile, because all they do is go home practice and play by themselves. But once they are in a band they practice more. My son was lucky enough to have taken lessons where the school offer recitals and opportunity to meet other musicians and get in to a band. So I understand your point without Rocksmith you don't feel like playing the guitar. You should try to find people that are musician and and just jam.
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