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  1. I noticed a few new ones as well, or at least i think they're new? (Space Dementia, Micro Cuts, Follow Me, Guiding Light, Map of The Problematique, Sunburn)
  2. Beautiful piece of work. Awesome job! :)
  3. That song has the best ending solo at Wembley! Thats not 100% correct ;) The riffs are nice, but this is better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJr9np00s4Q Alright Magna, you win this time! That one is absolutely amazing!
  4. That song has the best ending solo at Wembley!
  5. Making proper tones for the Bass guitar part of Madness is not easy. Just be patient. All Muse songs are going to be done sometime. Thanks for the info! I should take a shot at learning how to do CDLC's.. Sounds challenging, yet fun. ;)
  6. Any reason why Madness hasn't been done yet? It seems like a fairly easy song to create!
  7. I would love Muse- Madness... can't figure out why no one has done that one yet!
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