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  1. I'm currently working on "On The Beach" by Chris Rea - the "New Light Through Old Windows" version as this, in my humble opinion, is vastly superior to the original. It's also much more of a beast to tab. I've been on it for over two hours now but the end's in sight and hopefully tomorrow morning it'll be up.
  2. I appreciate that charters have to update links etc, but unless a track has a new version number, i.e. some "proper" work has been done to it, is there any way that it can be left where it was and not put to the top of the list as new or modified?
  3. Custom #499 just posted - Billy Idol: Daytime Drama. Going to think of something special for #500....
  4. I've done several R.E.M. songs over the weekend and noticed that when I came to generate the file name, it just gave me R.E.M_.psarc. Other than renaming afterwards, are there any other fixes? I appreciate that there aren't many bands with names like this so it's probably not worth re-coding anything.
  5. Having just done Pretty Persuasion (I'm still not sure about the end of the riff in the chorus though), I feel the need for a bit more R.E.M. Might try something else off Green this weekend...
  6. Would it be possible to implement user specific standard choices for submissions? For instance whenever I submit a song, I have to click Bass, Custom Tone=Yes, DD=Yes, enter 4 for DD levels, and 1.2 for scroll speed. It would be really cool to have these as my defaults so that I can concentrate on entering the important stuff.
  7. What's coming next? I'm just going for a stroll in the trees....
  8. Rehumanize Yourself is now complete - rejoice! Now onto the rest of the B-sides etc....
  9. I've picked up Re-humanize Yourself again. It should be completed this week then that's all the studio albums done.
  10. Three more Police b-sides added plus Need Your Love So Bad by Fleetwood Mac
  11. Miss Gradenko added, Synchronicity is now complete.
  12. Currently working on Miss Gradenko to finish Synchronicity and One World (Not Three). Miss Gradenko will definitely appear first as the end of One World is all improvised and I'm having to chart it note by note. Cheers Sting!
  13. The Police - Don't Stand So Close To Me '86 added
  14. Currently working on Don't Stand So Close To Me '86. It's looking like it should really be played on a 5 string or BEAD, but I'm going to do what I can do make it work in Drop D. Once that's done I'll look at a bonus BEAD version.
  15. Try some of the Police songs - Walking on the Moon, Every Breath You Take, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic, Shadows In The Rain etc. Simply Red's Sad Old Red sounds good on an upright. Wild Is The Wind by David Bowie, Cowboys & Angels and Kissing A Fool by George Michael, Shipbuilding by Elvis Costello, Queen's 39, Carter Takes A Train, Sting's Moon Over Bourbon Street,
  16. Duran Duran - My Own Way and The Police - Once Upon A Daydream added
  17. Two more Police tracks added - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic and Hungry For You. Almost completed Murder By Numbers. Just got the mad bit at the end to work out.
  18. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic added. V1.0 needs a few minor tweaks, but other than that it's better than the version which disappeared a while back.
  19. Update: Hungry for You (J'aurais toujours faim de toi) added. I'm going to do Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic tomorrow - I found the version which was here a while back but it doesn't do the song justice, so let's have a new version!
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