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  1. First i have to apologize for beeing absent last week, got overrun by working ;-) not much time this week also but heres a try --> If I had a Tail greets Edit: --> Happy Birthday @NoonyDeloony
  2. At least it is a start *lol* Cocker i personaly dont see that Jackson thing reachable, but i wil try
  3. oooooo i got upgraded to Intermediate ;-) so on the way to downgrade *lol* we´ll see
  4. After Hours in RR finaly at least an improvement Nickleback Lead 89% but Way from good playing in my Ears :-( for relaxing and not to hit the guitar an the next wall ive tried Intermediate a few times seems "easier" for me *lol* (got no clue why) Coheed LEAD Coheed Rhythm
  5. Shame on me, i don´t think i get it within a week ...... ;-( Nickelback LEAD
  6. Oh Yeah, One have a long time on RR to come Easy??? hmmm ...... if you say ;-)
  7. 1. The proof that i just stay at beginner for the next time ( 2-10Years i think would do it related to the knots in my fingers ;-) ) --> trying hard on Iced Earth LEAD 2. a short Question to the Heroes of the Strings. I found the following and thought about practicing it till I can take it as Warmup.... Beyond the Sunset what do you think, good? bad? noob-idea?? to easy? *lol and why you think so greets Heinz
  8. Seems 99,11% is my Limit....... but could manage to improve the Streak a bit ;-) Linkin Park
  9. Hi DevStereo the new one here ;-) and the last improvement for today on Linkin Park well see what the rest of the week brings (besides Iron Maiden ;-) ) greets :-)
  10. I could freak out when I know I COULD do something and make always little mistakes inbetween ;-) Update Linkin Park
  11. a little improvement so far ..... (iron maiden keeps my time from practicing Linkin park *lol*) Linkin Park @@Rodman ........ greets ( Dere ) ;-)
  12. Did you get the same Problem as me ??? The more I like a Song the easier it is to learn?? :rolleyes: First heres my first entry for CS (dont like it so much) Linkin Park LEAD But I tried also the other Songs (cool song and maybe playable for me with a lot of work) Iced Earth LEAD Iced Earth RHYTHM and my Favourite (This will get me working for more than this week for sure) :D :wub: :D Iron Maiden LEAD Iron Maiden RHYTHM And finaly --> Stratus <-- is WAY out of my level ...... not even tried it once :blink: greets PS: .....last but not least ---> HAPPY BIRTHDAY then3verend !!!!!
  13. lol, i would love to but dont think i can handle it as far as i see it from testing Jethro tull this week..... couldnt get a score at hard as long as im not able to pass the medium level in Score Attack ;-) link
  14. Hi love the idea of challenging with great players like the ones anticipating here after trying this weeks songs im pretty sure i belong to the beginner class :-) heres my first entry in rhythm. If I manage to get my score in lead obove the actual bad 70%, i will post it later greets from Austria :-) Men at Work ..... Rhythm
  15. sure, I´m trying ;-)

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