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  1. Hey @ElJefeVador The reason why I personally prefer react over any other framework is exactly for that reason - it only comes bundled with the minimal amount of things you need. This keeps react very lightweight and focused on purely displaying information based on the state of the application. To me, this allows for as pure JS code as possible while still using a framework to hook into things like event loops. To cover the routing, that is also partly where react is very nice. Instead of react having a specific idea of how you should do routing, they let you determine it yourself. T
  2. Heya @SrMouraSilva Im gonna be doing the base setup for the new react system for i5 and I love your questions. In regards to open sourcing it, I don't think thats a possibility at this time. The restructure to react is going to take a bit for the core staff to get used to and I want to make sure that the correct setup is done before that could ever happen. Without getting into too many specifics, there just needs to be a flow that everyone gets used to which will make participation easier for any dev to work with. If you want to participate please contact unleashed regarding that!
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