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  1. I ran across a song i have not heard in a while. Children of the Sun by Billy Thorpe. Does anyone have or know how to get the guitar pro 6 tabs for the song Children of the Sun? I was wanting to try and make custom song for rocksmith with that song.
  2. Thanks Snake, I found what i did wrong i wasn't converting the wwise file properly and putting in the packaging. Once i converted it properly and packaged it works. I got couple of minor glitches to fix but i should be on a roll pretty soon. Thanks for the help the and tutorial vid.
  3. Snake, I have been working and practicing on making a custom. I have got the song into Rocksmith and i see the notes ready to go but the thing does not scroll to start the song. The song loads up does the tuning thing then you see the track to start but it just sits there for couple seconds then ends. Any ideas would help. Thanks,
  4. Opps sorry about the bad info, Radio station is bragging about this and they don't even know what they are talking about lol. Goes to show you can't believe everything you hear.
  5. I want to give a big Rockon to Metallica they are said to have the most selling album. Metallica's self-titled 1991 album, a.k.a. "The Black Album," has hit a new sales milestone, as it has become the first album to sell 16 million copies since SoundScan started tracking sales data in 1991. Metallica sold another 3,000 copies in the week ending May 25, bringing its cumulative total to 16,002,000, Billboard reports. That album, along with Shania Twain's Come On Over, are the only two records that have sold more than 15 million copies in the SoundScan era. Meanwhile, Metallica has been writing songs for its next effort, although there's no word on when the new album might be finished.
  6. Donated $100.00 Keep up the good work guys.
  7. I am new to playing a guitar and with all the work everyone is doing for this site to exist and all the music choices i have a broad range of music to learn. I have been playing my butt off. Thanks, guys
  8. Just donated 100.00. Not trying to out do anyone on the donation i love this sight and what they are able to do for us. I want to thank customsforge for having this site and everyone contributing to the site and all that makes it possible for us to download and play the songs created. Keep up the good work! :cool:
  9. I vote a very big yes, with a Please!!! :-P :-P :-P :-P LOL!!!
  10. Nino83 if you are the originator for the Enter Sandman for the 2014 i would like to ask if you could put it in the downloads. This comes with a very special please. :smile: And for all those who have submitted the songs i would like to thank them as well. Ya'll keep us all rockin. :D
  11. Thanks Spades, not sure who the original author is, but just trying find away for the original author find the message to help with this. I am new and i am not sure if in posting if there is a specific topic to go where i can request from original authors. If there is specify and thanks for the reply and help.
  12. Don't see the song in database. If someone has Metallica Enter Sandman to upload? Can it you upload the song for download. Please.
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