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  1. Happy Birthday Nanshi!

  2. Happy Birthday Nanshi!

  3. Happy Birthday Nanshi!

  4. Thanks to MVega I solved everything, returned all the other machine heads cause the one he sent me fits perfectly :) So again thank you MVega now I can get around the whole drilling part:D But good to know that I don't have to worry about those holes, next time I won't have so much trouble and simply drill new ones. And now back to practicing. And again thanks for the help, guys!
  5. Hi guys! I had a little 'accident' and one of my tuning pegs broke off :( So I called the closest guitar shop, explained evertyhing drove there and picked up some cheap (20€) mashine heads. After getting back home I quickly noticed that these mashine heads would be a downgrade in terms of quality and I would have to drill new holes for some screws. Because I don't want to drill new holes in my headstock to install subpar machine heads I googled like mad to find something that would fit wihout modification. So I own a Yamaha Pacifica 112J wich is nothing more than a Fender Stratocaster clone, so I ordered original Fender American Standard machine heads. Aaaaaand they don't fit :( So this picture shows the difference between the original yamaha and the fender machine head: http://i.imgur.com/9QN3w16.jpg So in order to install these I would have to modify the pin holes and move them up a few mm. I photoshopped a pic to show you guys how I imagine this will work out: http://i.imgur.com/eS8PutD.jpg In order to make this perfect i would need a 2.7mm drill and then meassure everthing twice, but I'm not sure if it is worth the trouble. Unfortunatly Yamaha doesn't sell any replacement parts and I can't find anything that would fit plug and play stlye. So should I send everything back and order some better machine heads that just need to be fixated with a screw OR should I modify my headstock to fit fender mashine heads? Will drilling new holes and placing new screws in my headstock affect the sound in anyway? I just want to make sure I'm not doing anything wrong...
  6. I also donated 10$ but used a different email address than the one I registered this account to and also forget to mention my user name :???:
  7. If you have a DAW and/or want to get into composing and using VST Instruments and all that stuff but don't want to get a MIDI keyboard you should check out this: MIDI Guitar http://jamorigin.com/products/midi-guitar/ pretty fun to play an entire string section, piano or an old church organ on guitar. You can move the entire fretboard 2 octaves up and down and it supports E Standard and Drop D. It works almost like Rocksmith in simply detecting notes and converting them to MIDI signals. You even can do chords, bends and palm mutes. Chord detection has it limits just like in RS so no sloppy playing allowed. I am using this in Sonar X3 and so far it works really good on just single notes. Chords sometimes need some editing but so far I really like it. Anyone got experience with Melodyne essential? I could get it for cheap by upgrading Sonar...
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