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  1. Does it work for xbox360? There is a file called xbox360.dll
  2. Thanks for the reply! I expected that by selecting combo, the track would be seen both in lead and rhythm, and it would keep the scores in both arrangement, but it seems it is not the case. Why is there a combo option then?
  3. Hi, What does exactly do the combo arrangement in RS2014? I tried with one songs and it seems to do the same as the rhythm one. Is there any document explaining what every option in the Toolkit means? The help links to rscustom.net, but there I just found a 'quick guide', not explaining all the options. Thanks!
  4. Hi, When I try to create a new EOF project opening the .ogg file, it says that the file in not a .ogg format. Do I need to convert to .ogg file first? with wwise? Thanks!
  5. You can get a decent 2nd hand bass for around $100. It is always better than emulated bass. If you want to keep on playing emulated bass, I do not think you need to follow specific bass lessons. The techniques are similar for guitar and bass, you just have to get used to the different feeling. At least in my opinion.
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