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  1. @@iminashi, The chordName bug is fixed. You can download the last version of the ddc v3.3 release in the first post. Thanks
  2. Thank you for reporting this issue. I will try to correct it as soon as possible ...
  3. Hi @@Akitsuki, You are using a RSToolkit release ( not fully compatible with EOF v1.8 RC12. To resolve your problem either : - download RSToolkit v2.8.1.0 or higher) with DDC v3.3 - unset the EOF preference : [File][Preferences][import/Export][Abridged Rocksmith 2 Export]
  4. Feel free to add it as a new preference whatever a stability consideration. The most important thing for us (people with exotic native languages) is simply to be able to generate those extended characters when necessary.
  5. @@raynebc, Yes, EOF can allow the extended characters that are supported and displayed by RS (all that don't have any tag in the XML file) Even if some of them are rarely used in lyrics ...
  6. @@raynebc, Here is my XML test file for extended ASCII characters in lyrics : PART VOCALS_RS2.xml For each character it displays in the game the following informations : - ASCII code - the character itself - [ND] tag if the character isn't displayed in the game (with no crash) - [NV] tag if the character is special and hasn't a visible symbol Only the characters with the [NV] tag are not included in the XML file because they may crash the game (not yet tested in a individual manner) The few characters like &, <, " that have a specific meaning in the XML language ar
  7. These characters work in the game. I am working on a testing file with all working characters in order to idenfity more precisely those that are not accepted. The first list I gave you contain all raisonnable characters that lyrics should use...
  8. @@raynebc, Some extended characters are not supported in the game. The following list of ASCII characters seems to be a good start for lyrics (I have tested all of them in RS2014) : from 32 to 33 from 39 to 41 from 44 to 46 from 48 to 59 63 from 65 to 90 from 97 to 122 131 133 138 140 142 154 156 from 158 to 159 162 181 from 192 to 214 from 216 to 246 from 248 to 255
  9. @@cozy1, @@Alex360, Here is the link to the Google Sheet : Extended ASCII Characters in ODLCs RSToolkit is already able to manage these extended characters. Just need to allow EOF to write these characters in the XML file. The only restriction about these characters is that we can't use them in the file paths (name of folders and name of files)
  10. ODLC Name : Megadeth - À Tout le Monde Special Characters Used in Lyrics : À Special Characters Used in Title : À ODLC Name : Sigur Rós - Gobbledigook Special Characters Used in Lyrics : Þ ú æ í á Ó ó ö ð ODLC Name : Mötley Crüe - Shout at the Devil Special Characters Used in Artist Name : ö ü ODLC Name : R.E.M. - Überlin Special Characters Used in Title : Ü
  11. I want to use extended characters because Ubisoft uses them in their DLCs (artist name, song title and lyrics). The evidences of such use by Ubisoft have been given in the previous posts ... If I follow your rule, I would forbid the existence of CDLCs that : - doesn't have a correct BPM and Time Signature - doesn't well sync the notes with the rhythm - doesn't use DD - ... and so on ... simply because these bad usages are not in ODLCs
  12. Thank you @@iminashi, These few words in french in this Megadeth official DLC is the evidence that Ubisoft already used them ! So, now, there is no reason to prevent us to add them in our songs :D
  13. Maybe you could add a new option in EOF "preferences" to allow users to use these extended characters at their own risk ?
  14. @@cozy1, I'am french, and I have made more than 20 CDLCs with french accented characters since Rocksmith day 1 (song title, artist name and lyrics), and I have never encountered any issues with them ...
  15. @@raynebc, Extended ASCII characters work fine for the song informations (artist, album and title) and the lyrics. The only issue I remember is the fact that they don't have to be used in the file path (path and file name).
  16. I have never had any issues with ASCII extended characters (at least for those commonly used in the French language). A few years ago, I made several french CDLCs and they continue to work fine in the last releases of the game. As an example, I have just tried with the following special characters at the beginning of the song : "æ ß Ø — ¼ © ® þ ÷". Only some of them are displayed : "æ ß Ø ¼", and the CDLC works fine. As a second try, I used the following sequence : "àáâãäåæçèéêëìíîïðñòóôõöùúûüýÿÀÁÂÃÄÅÆÇÈÉÊËÌÍÎÏÐÑ". Here is the result in the game :
  17. It seems that EOF doesn't support accented characters anymore ? I'm trying to define lyrics in french language and all accented characters are not saved in the result file. If I add them by myself in the XML file they are displayed correctly in the game. Any idea ?
  18. Hi raynebc, Is there a way to import a Rocksmith Lyric file in EOF ? I am working on existing CDLCs to improve their quality and I would like to modify the existing lyrics. Thanks
  19. First of all, can you share your psarc file ?
  20. Hi @@Tysylio, Just tried to generate DD on your XML files and I have had no issue. With the DDC tab of the Toolkit, you have to check the "Generate Log" checkbox to obtain the logs. If you apply DDC on XML files, the logs are located in the same folder. If you apply DDC on the "psarc" file, the logs are located in a subfolder named "DDC_Log". If you have no log generated, check your anti-virus settings ... Thanks
  21. @djsoundnr1, These display glitches are related to open notes inside chords. Each open note must have a "chordNote" tag inside the "chord" tag in the XML file (even if the open notes are defined inside the "chordTemplate") ...
  22. Each iteration of the same phrase must have the same notes at each level of difficulty than the other ones. When RS decides to level up the difficulty, it adds new notes and it has to do it the same way for all iterations of the same phrase. That's why DDC identifies and renames the phrases automatically. It identifies all phrases that have the same pattern of notes and creates a new phrase name and iterations that reference this phrase. So it applies the DD on the pattern and generates it the same way for all iterations. If there is an inconsistency between notes of two iterations at a le
  23. Do you have a way in EOF to check if all iterations of a phrase have the same notes at each level of difficulty ?
  24. @@firekorn, In my opinion, the phrase "R1" has 5 iterations, but the last one is only two beats length rather than the previous ones have a four beats length. So the last iteration of phrase "R1" has less notes than the previous ones. To correct this, you can either : - create only two beats length iterations for phrase "R1" (you will obtain 9 iterations with the same pattern of notes) - create a specific phrase for the last iteration (but it will evolve alone when DD will get up or down) I did not try to apply this fix myself, but for now, it is the only one inconsistency I
  25. Update v3.3 : (12/02/2017) - Set the default value when an attribute is missing in the input XML file - Generation of transcriptionTrack tag without attributes that have the default value - Don't generate XML attributes with default value in the DDC output file (RSToolkit v2.8.1.0) - Fixed bug : High density status may be forced even if the chord contains any technics - Fixed bug : A value of 100 for the "minHighDensityMisused" configuration parameter doesn't deactivate the density correction process The big new feature of this release is the simplification of XML files generated
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