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  1. @Pc Plum, In the DDC Log file, you have the following warning : 04. Load useful informations from the XML input file => 266 ms - Song informations => 0 ms - Measures and ebeats => 30 ms - Sections ==> WARNING : Section noguitar (700.271) doesn't start on the main beat of a measure (new time : 699.455) => 3 ms So DDC modifies the last section position on the measure at time position "699.455". This measure contains the last note. This is why this note is not generated by DDC process. I have to change this logic in order to pr
  2. You can use the following EOF project : Project
  3. @@raynebc, It seems that it is an EOF issue. I can reproduce it and EOF omits to generate the last note if the previous one has the linknext status
  4. @@firekorn, You are right, we can add 5 more levels in the config file by defining only one change between two adjacent levels. However, the new levels will be used only if notes exist for these levels and if the merging process is not too high configurated. If I understand the main purpose of this request is to have more differences between songs in order to select them in Ignition ? Do we need to apply these new parameters in the default config of DDC ? Thanks
  5. @@firekorn, In order to generate more level of difficulties, modifying the config files is not sufficient. It is needed to add logic in DDC process, to split two adjacent levels if too many notes appear. For example, in a 4/4 time signature, 4 notes can appear at the same time if they belong to the same category and subcategory.
  6. @@firekorn, my leading silence is only about 3 or 5 seconds, so I don't have to wait 10 sec before playing. About the maximum number of levels of difficulty, I agree with you but I had to find a compromise when I started to design DDC. Some users desliked to have too many levels (too fastidious to reach the highest level)
  7. Not sure what you mean by that. EOF sets the startBeat and the first beat at the time where the beat map begins, not at 0.000. It only matters if people want to use ODLC-like leading silence (10+ seconds of silence). I've tried it, but haven't noticed any merits in doing so myself. Anyway, Firekorn advises that people do that in his tutorial. And if you move the first beat from 10s to 0s, it will mean that about half of that silence will not be skipped like it is in ODLC. It depends on how you use EOF. In my case : - I update myself the audio file to add the leading silence - I update
  8. Hi iminashi, Don"t forget that DDC is an automatic process. I'm positive that Ubisoft creates its DD levels by hand ... The whole DDC process is defined by measure, so the position of notes inside a measure is important. If I allow a phrase or a section to start in the middle of a measure, I have to separate the notes of this measure in two distinct sets. This feature has already been requested by Firekorn and if I want to implement it I will have to change a lot of things in the existing code. Nevertheless, I keep it in my todo list ... About the first time position of a b
  9. Can you describe the error you have ? Envoyé de mon SM-G920F en utilisant Tapatalk
  10. Hi, Download the last release of the RS Toolkit and apply DD again on the psarc file (DDC tab). You can also use the "CustomsForge Song Manager" ...
  11. @@raynebc, There is no limit about the number of phrases that can be linked together. In my opinion the easiest way to add this feature in EOF, could be to let the author adding a tag in the phrase name. Something like intro[g1] for phrase "intro" in group "g1". So all phrases in the same group could be linked together in the newLinkedDiff XML tag ... Envoyé de mon SM-G920F en utilisant Tapatalk
  12. @@firekorn, "LinkedDiffs" tag is not used anymore in RS2014. However, you can use the "newLinkedDiffs" tag to link two or more different phrases. When two phrases are linked, their level of difficulty will evolve similarly in the game. As an example : <newLinkedDiffs count="1"> <newLinkedDiff levelBreak="-1" ratio="1.000" phraseCount="2"> <nld_phrase id="7" /> <nld_phrase id="14" /> </newLinkedDiff> </newLinkedDiffs> In this specific case, all iterations of the phrases id "7" and "14" will be synchronized in the game.
  13. I agree for alphanumeric limitation only for phrases and sections. Section names are limited on a predefined list and phrase names are never displayed in the game. DDC keeps EOF section names and always overrides phrase names. So it is ok for me ...
  14. For your information, DDC v3.3 generates abridged XML only. So if there was a problem with it, we should have more people with this kind of issue. Envoyé de mon SM-G920F en utilisant Tapatalk
  15. @@raynebc, During a GP tab import in EOF, a single note with a slide is terminated with a new gem related to the end fret position. I was expected to have only the first note with the slide and its end fret position, but not the last gem at the end of the sustain. Is it the normal behaviour ? Thanks Envoyé de mon SM-G920F en utilisant Tapatalk
  16. I know that the handShape is here only to indicate which fingers to use and can be fully considered as independent from the notes and chords. But when DDC has to create the other levels of difficulty, it takes care about how many strings are used in the chords inside an handShape, in order to display only the necessary fingers. That's why DDC analyzes the handShape to see if it contains chords or only single notes. Its behaviour is not the same in these two different cases.
  17. @@raynebc, If I remember well, when someone creates an handShape in EOF, the tool adds a chord at the beginning with ghost notes. In this specific case where only a single note is followed by chords this doesn't happened. Is it a normal behaviour for you ? Thanks Envoyé de mon SM-G920F en utilisant Tapatalk
  18. The reason is because the handShape starts with a single note at time "15.791" and the first chord of this handShape starts at time "16.226". This specific case is not actually managed by DDC, and I need more explanations of what you exactly want to do in order to improve the code. Currently, DDC manages the following cases with handShapes : - handShape that starts with a chord - handShape that starts with a double single notes (two notes at the same time position but without chord) - handShape that starts with a single note and identified as an "arpeggios" sequence Meanwhile and for y
  19. @@cozy1, Thank you a lot for the link, it gave me the solution I was looking for ;)
  20. @@raynebc, In french language, the "-" character is used to link two words together. As in EOF, this character has a technical meaning, it is not displayed in the game. Do you have an idea about how to generate this character in the XML file with EOF ? Thanks
  21. @Pc Plum, Some characters are not displayed in the game (those with [ND] or [NV] tags in my testing XML file) Can you give me an example of a specific character you can't use in RS ? Thanks
  22. Hi raynebc, What is the exact purpose of the "PART VOCALS_RS2_EXT.xml" file ? For me, only the "PART VOCALS_RS2.xml" works fine with accented characters (RS2014, RST and text editors). When I try to use the "_EXT" file, accented characters are not displayed in the game. Thanks
  23. @@raynebc, I have just tried the new "Allow RS2 extend ASCII lyrics" preference, and it works fine. As a minor improvement, it would be nice to suppress the warning message about non ASCII characters when this preference is activated ... Thank you
  24. For DDC, a phrase or a section must start on the first beat of a measure. There are no other requirements.
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