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  1. hmm.. so for now the post is in the right place, I would like to have some player opinions, the charts are almost done. When the time come, I will post about the partnerships with charters in the Charter forum - thanks for explaining it :)
  2. Each charter will create its own topic, if I get it right. So here is mine. Here is the link for my beta versions folder What´s currently on it: - Pigs on the wing (8-track version - parts 1 & 2 + Snowy White's solo) Still working on the acoustic tone, but if someone could give it a run before I release it would be great. - Some Floyd tunes with new tones I´m overhauling all my Floyd customs. For the guitar players, there is new tones to test. But when I finish reworking the sync, I would like to propose a partnership with a bassist charter to fix the bass parts on: - Shine on you crazy diamond: just need some fixes, it should be no trouble; - Echoes: Here is the real challenge. I have a bass tab for the song (gp5), I think all the parts are there, but it fits terrible with the guitar part. Will upload the folder with the source files as soon as I´m done with the sync.
  3. Is not exactly a tone request, but I think is a good place to find this answer - If I'm in the wrong forum, fell free to delete/relocate. What amp you guys use when trying to simulate a Hiwatt 100 amp? thanks anyway.
  4. had more than a couple cases here where I tested everything and in my PC worked just fine, and some user had trouble with some part. There is the multiplatform cases - I don't know anyone who has a PC, a MAC, a 360 and a PS3. And, finally, when the charter plays guitar, for example, may not notice errors some pro bassist will do in the bass part. Anyway, most of stuff here works just fine. Take it easy on the charters, they're just one person sharing his work - is not like they're multi million dollar companies releasing unfinished product with huge day 1 patches (wink wink).
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