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  1. Nice to see someone acknowledging Rotting Christ. One of the best album in metal history for me is "A dead poem", there is simply no filler song in that album. Thanks for your efforts, looking forward to your CDLCs.
  2. It is not intuitive to have Saved button outside of the Ignition, I couldn't find it also until I checked this forum.
  3. I have no problem with ignition.
  4. Yes, it works! Thanks for fast reaction!
  5. Tried different browsers, removed cookies, still no good. It shows only blank CDLC search in Ignition, but search doesn't work.
  6. I would like to see a lesson where I can play one chord throughout the neck. I know basic chords only up the neck. So, it would be like chord A, starting on 2nd fret going all the way down, and then E and so on...Beginner lesson :) I think I checked all current lessons and there is nothing like that. Also what I don't like is excessive use of muted string symbol. In Rocksmith official songs it is usually omitted, for example double stops with A and G strings, where D string is muted but not shown. Just wanted to share some thoughts, thanks for your efforts! ps. Didn't know about GuitarNick, looks good, thanks.
  7. Lots of thanks to guys who created and gave their valuable time pro bono for us, Rocksmith is 100 times better with CDLCs.
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