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  1. i would like to request a song from "nanowar of steel - Der Fluch des capt´n iglo" the German version if it is possible, i don´t understand the Italian version. thx in advance for making the cdlc Nanowar of steel - Der Fluch des capt´n iglo
  2. its strange i have the same problem but much better pc specs. i know the game is in theory not for windows 10 but have you tried the win 7 mode in comp mode? EDIT: use this config in the rocksmith.ini then you could get normla tone out of it, it works for me. [Audio]EnableMicrophone=0ExclusiveMode=1LatencyBuffer=4ForceDefaultPlaybackDevice=0ForceWDM=0ForceDirectXSink=1DumpAudioLog=0MaxOutputBufferSize=0RealToneCableOnly=0Win32UltraLowLatencyMode=0[Renderer.Win32]ShowGamepadUI=0ScreenWidth=1920ScreenHeight=1080Fullscreen=2VisualQuality=1RenderingWidth=0RenderingHeight=0EnablePostEffects=1EnableShadows=1EnableHighResScope=1EnableDepthOfField=0EnablePerPixelLighting=1MsaaSamples=4DisableBrowser=0[Net]UseProxy=1
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