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  1. why was the CDLC request page removed? it was awesome and now its just a hassle to request.. and I doubt anyone would actually find the request!
  2. USE ME BY BILL WITHERS PLEASE!! GP Link - https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/bill_withers/use_me_guitar_pro_1052598 PLEASE MAKE IT!!
  3. thanks for the reply.. so i guess there is no way around it... i jus recently started using the CDLC... dint know that!
  4. Hi! so i have seen this problem with other people on the net.... i dont know how and when it happens... all my new songs start at 0 difficulty.. official or custom.. i tried finding a solution but cudnt.. so is there a way to revert it back to the way it was? like it starts at difficulty which i am suitable! THANKS!
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