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  1. have read all the requests and will keep an eye out! upcoming cdlc: LOSER - Kenshi Yonezu oddloop - frederick Kanashii Ureshii (TV Size) - frederick (Koi to Uso OP) Sora ni Utaeba (TV Size) - amzarashi (Bnha S2 OP2) Datte atashi no Hero (TV Size) - LiSA (Bnha S2 ED2)
  2. Quick update: Dearest Drop Peace Sign (Full) Dakara hitori ja nai (TV) Yoru wa nemureru kai? Cant really find time for tabs or even the tabs themselves now. I read all the suggestions but with jitashe.net shut down and muya rizal's bass tabs behind a paywall it seems like cldc is steadily coming to a decline.
  3. @ I actually have seen a lot of anime it was meant to be a dumb joke ahha sorry ;; (I only started in 2015 so I haven't seen that many is all eg. yet to see gits, fmab, bebop, but I have seen a majority of the shows in this list) I'm working on the tab right now and it is indeed, in drop D. Don't them fool you, one listen to the song makes it clear!
  4. Oh wow another MC anime song TWO weeks in a row? Truth is I submitted all the crazy hard bs jpop songs to the roster so I can watch you all suffer http://cdn.akamai.steamstatic.com/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/f2/f2f18722935aaa4738b9ccea56b2f88848a98c4d.jpg ALSO: Redownload the song if you downloaded it before this post because there's scroll speed/tone/phrase adjustments. No chart changes so your scores and everything are still fine but I thought it might help with the playability. Sorry for forgetting to update it after the remastered update. I actually don't know this anime or song, it was requested by rottensnare, who is a lot more up the "anime" calibre than me. Also I remember the rhythm part being a demon in disguise, so have fun with that one! http://i.imgur.com/gAKGurC.jpg yeah I'm still sick so screw this
  5. Creator benchmark! Some sections are very demanding. Chorus is straight up awesome http://i.imgur.com/BKSJioD.jpg The rhythm part regrettably isn't up to par with the rest of the parts ;; Some wrong notes and kinda blandhttp://i.imgur.com/xo3iWLJ.jpg Fun bass line with good variety and is quite simple too! http://i.imgur.com/QAPIRUf.jpg Hey it's Akame! The manga has recently ended and I was a big fan when I was in high school where it was one of the first anime series I was ever introduced to. zpatv01's original cdlc was one of my favourites to play so I recommend trying that out if you feel like it!
  6. @@Black Abyss Muya Rizal also had full bass tabs for this song as well but his channel got shut down ;; tabs are only available for a tv size thanks to flandre vampir
  7. @@M00NPANT5 done tv size - http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/rin-rin-hi-hi-tv-size-r29058
  8. @@Black Abyss no problem! just posted airman (it's the one featuring JUNCA), tabs were an absolute mess and I fixed as much as I could. It's still not done but I don't know when I can work on it again so there it is. Hope you enjoy regardless! ^^
  9. http://i.imgur.com/mkqmTRb.jpg creator benchmark I miss this show EDIT: Happy 10 years Gurren Lagann!
  10. Mainly old songs left and right just taking you to the 404 page leaving a LOT of old cdlc just dead in the water and old creators not even here on the site anymore are unlikely to update. For now it'll be helpful if you could just reupload the cdlc if you have it to mediafire for people looking for it as they seem to be the most consistent (Google drive has some issues too) Cheers!
  11. @@CyborgFFA turned out well: http://customsforge.com/topic/35416-genesis/
  12. @@CyborgFFA I have thought about it before after seeing this beautiful amazing perfect cover: tabs in txt file will take much longer though don't hold your breath
  13. BLEEGHH http://i.imgur.com/Kgp1WTs.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/PBYxIt4.jpg
  14. http://i.imgur.com/z3McJLa.jpg When I put it out I thought that this song was real hard but now after I know chords a bit better the fast shifting is less intimidating (I think an 8 is fair) http://i.imgur.com/uMU5g6u.jpg But I'd love if anyone could point toward bass parts that are as challenging as this one! (I actually got 96.4 but i took the screenshot too early lol)
  15. lmao welcome to anime hell have fun fellas here are the tabs for reference
  16. @@uretz nope there's no link to download all my cdlc at once, sorry :C
  17. I deleted a bunch of temp files but turns out some were important. Also turns out the temp file name changes each time. Any help with a solution will be super super appreciated. (Using the latest version of the toolkit and everything else) http://i.imgur.com/q0nT754.jpg Thank you! EDIT: seems to be only happening with one specific song. I guess the universe really doesn't want me to make it oh well
  18. @@Kei http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/signal-r25944 Wow, this went right over my head even though I had just bought the album, thanks! The tabs aren't very good- I fixed the major issues but hopefully I'll find the time to properly update it (one day..) Tell me whatchu think so far
  19. If tones are the problem just assign your favourite tones in the tone designer. As the song starts hit the key to switch to yours.
  20. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING Thanks for the tip pal, I'm gonna have a lot of fun with this. Makes me wish there was a way to make custom showlights as well.
  21. @@Zooropa_Station I really really want to but how do you manually change scroll speed? also shouldn't this be a comment on the actual cdlc
  22. My paypal is qosick@gmail.com you don't have to donate but if you do holy shit I'll love you forever :wub: As for commissions I don't do them, I don't trust my skills but maybe in the future when I get more proficient. (Some tabbers I know charge something like 10000-50000 yen for a song)
  23. @@Alex360 A lot of tabbers nowadays are charging for their work as commissions which is completely understandable. I think tabs should be free (there's also the legal aspect of selling home made band scores) but it's a thankless and really soul sucking practice. We need time to remind us that this is meant to be a hobby and not a chore.
  24. @@Kei Sorry, I don't have an infinite amount of time on my hands. It's a different story if you pay me.
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