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  1. I had to reinstall Windows not to long ago and after reinstalling the game and restoring all of my cdlc I have some songs that I used to be able to play now x'd out. This is for bass if it matters and I have run the song manager and already run my repairs the same as I always have..... One of the songs is 10,000 Days Wings for Marie Part 2 if that matters.... there have been a few others I have noticed too. What could I be missing?
  2. Lol you could be right.... I can't tell the difference but that is what they say anyways lol
  3. Well also there is a tonal difference between the same notes played on different strings. Each string has its own timbre because of varying thicknesses and lengths.
  4. I've never really had a problem with this game playing custom songs or with it crashing. Does your PC meet the minimum requirements for the game? Also are you using the customsforge song manager? It scans all of your cdlc and repairs them if there are any problems.
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