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  1. Ufff i've found solution! I've tried everything, but downloading dll from CF did not work. It runs on my PC but not on my notebook. Some graphic driver or maybe framework issue. Installing CustomsForge Song Manager helped! Install CFSM from Tools menu here on customforge and validate dll from there - see attachment.
  2. Anyone found solution to freeze after tuning? It seems to me that it is GPU or DirectX related. I've got it running on my desktop PC following the guide (Cherub Rock, DLL in root folder) and all CDLC are alright. But when applying the same guide on my laptop it is not working - freeze after tuning. I tried update DirectX, change resolution and visual settings but nothing worked. I don't think that my laptop is low-end because all other songs (official DLCs) are working just fine. Anyone tried different approach?
  3. Can someone reupload Orion from Metallica? Original threat (see link) is not working anymore (getting 404 error). Thanks
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