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  1. If You're still interested in the octave tone, it's in the newest update of the blood swamps chart, just make sure to adjust the semitone count as needed

  2. I know you did a bunch of DOOM Eternal charts, any reason you stopped with those? They were usually pretty good.

    1. coldrampage


      Did most of the songs I wanted to from the base game and cba to do album versions because of the whole Bethesda situation.

      I might try to do a few more from the dlcs at somepoint but they're just not as good as mick gordons stuff imo. Haven't played the dlc so I'm not as invested in the songs either.

      Also just got a bunch of other songs I'd just rather work on the min.

    2. rachel826


      Gotcha. I did my best to chart some of the ones you didn't and some DLC ones. Hope you played and enjoyed them!

  3. Can we please gat a Mick Gordon - Meathook chart? I'm sick of slayer gates, and I want that choir! An 8/7 string chart with a 6 string bonus is preffered, so everyone can enjoy!
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