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  1. I got the Hyde tabs in trade off of soulseek a few years ago, not really a fan of l'arc or hyde but i know that alot of people are. enjoy
  2. here is a new link http://www.mediafire.com/download/jgdrd24pwy01w0a/tabs.rar
  3. im not sure. some are incomplete, some i made myself and some i've gotten in trade over the years.
  4. Hello everyone here are some gpro tabs for people to work on if they are interested. The artists are Balzac, Body, Buck-tick, Craze, Gackt, Hyde, Kuroyume, malice mizer, penicillin and raphael. mediafire.com/?jgdrd24pw01w0a
  5. Cool, i can send you the tabs and mp3. The songs i have tabbed out are for the band Buck-Tick
  6. If i can supply gp tabs can anyone convert them to cdlc? I was lloking at the tutorials and couldn't really follow them. I'm kinda slow. lol
  7. I can send you pdfs of the scans. I've already scanned hurry up mode and sexualxxx. i have all the album bandscores that have been released.
  8. I can supply you with buck-tick bandscores if you would like
  9. Hello everyone, I've been a jrock fan since i saw Balzac blow the misfits off the stage in their first american performance. I have alot of jrock bandscore books and most of the scans of bandscore books floating around are mine. I have books by Buck-tick, Boowy, Dead End, 44magnum, seikima II and lots more. Let me know what you guys like and maybe i can scan a book for you and we can make more jrock cdlc.
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