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  1. I get really surprised when I see a famous band has no songs. I would deeply appreciate it if someone added some Butcher Babies. Thank you in advance!
  2. I love Devil Trigger. I listen to it constantly (Now even.) The song sounds simple enough to play but it is a song that would get me hyped enough I won't care. Unlike when I downloaded Linkin Park before I got into CDLC. Linkin Park was so boring to play
  3. So I have the Song Manager. I have a good bit of CDLC downloaded to the game already. Every time I try to add new songs to the game, they never show up. It is the whole reason I installed Song Manager and they don't even show up there. I do re scans constantly hoping it will randomly find any of the songs and nothing. I am obviously doing something right because the songs from before are there but at the same time I am probably doing something wrong? Help is greatly appreciated
  4. I have downloaded a bit of CDLC a bit ago for my first time, most of the songs are there. I try to download more but the songs never show up, I have redownloaded them 3 times now. Any suggestions please??
  5. Cell Dweller would be amazing, I only know what he did with Killer Instinct but that was enough
  6. I saw a lot of good Dragonforce songs on the site, however my favorite song is not on there. If someone would please do Body Breakdown I would be eternally grateful. If you do, thank you in advance!
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