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  1. Coldrampage..... Thank you.... Thank you....Thank you !!!! All fixed and much appreciated. Am now enjoying some of the new downloads : ))
  2. Hi all....Am not sure why I can't get any cdlc to download on my pc any more... as I used to be able to until a few weeks ago. Am unsure if something has changed with a recent update or something. When I click on the cdlc 'download & add to collection' link at the left, it adds to my collection, but not download.... Am I missing something and would really appreciate it if someone could help, as I have added a few to the collection that I would really like to get into. Also, I did purchase Live' Lightning crashes a few weeks ago (about the time all DL stopped), so wondered if that may have done something....? Regards
  3. Would love to see Boz Scaggs' (High) Sierra & Some Change .... for us 'older' groovers! Thanks & much appreciated.
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