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  1. Just started Guitar this year. Working on both methods of learning. Just got Rocksmith a few weeks ago, but it is great for working on transitions and getting the fingering and picking down without always looking down. And, it is fun which keeps me at it longer. Also, trying to get some theory in and memorize the notes along the fretboard. Don't have a structured plan for this yet though. I also have the band turned down so I can hear my guitar better, but plan on setting up where I can split the Guitar to Rocksmith and my amp so it sounds better.
  2. I found some of the same tabs from songsterr ant ultimate-guitar (with a gp5 download link)
  3. Quality, in what way? Arrangement, timing, dynamic difficulty, lyrics? Just started developing my own, always a stickler for quality but need good feedback (new to Rocksmith & Guitar) I am actually disappointed with some of the official DLC that I have purchased, Tabs that I have found online & instructional videos on youtube seem to have better arrangements.
  4. Uploaded a version with Rhythm Guitar, Bass and Vocals. Let me know what you think.
  5. Just started messing with creating my own CDLC, might give this one a try. Do you have a tab file that you like?
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