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  1. fried possum! ok got'cha, thanks for that! and with this CFSM basically even songs that don't have DD, this can be used to add DD to that song? because there are several great songs i want to play, but i'm not good enough basically :( so i want to be able to play the song on an easier difficulty
  2. Hi everyone! sorry admins if this isn't posted in correct thread new member here, managed to get CDLC working today! really impressed with the time and effort people have put in, amazing! my post is really about the difficulty levels on some CDLC i'm fairly new to guitar still (under 1 year) and can only play the odd song on hard and rest medium almost/some easy depends on the artist! and some of CDLC i really want but i have noticed on any difficulty, the chart/notes are the same no matter what is this because there is no dynamic difficulty? because i have noticed some songs that have DD y
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