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  1. I mentioned this before, but it just happened to my latest CDLC as well - the main/search view appears to be preferring to display the bass tuning. It does show that there are additional tunings, but the primary one that shows is from the bass path. IMO, it would make more sense for the guitar tuning to be preferred here. For both of these charts, the guitars are all in E standard, with the bass on a 5-string in B standard. (I provided a transposed 4-string path in Eb on the FB chart, because it otherwise uses all 5 strings.) As you can see, it is listing the tuning from the 4-string bass path on both charts as the "main" tuning in the search view, which I think is rather misleading.
  2. Newlines are still getting stripped from author's notes.
  3. Whitespace (specifically line breaks) are being stripped out of the notes section after submission. If I enter the following: Line 1. Line 2. It ends up as: Line 1.Line 2.
  4. Yeah, so this just happened to me... it also deleted EVERYTHING in that folder and all subfolders. Which is where I was saving the templates and packages for my CDLC. Which are now all gone.
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