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  1. @, @@Mortalo : As reference rating could you please quickly rate this weeks songs. How are the classes gonna be divided? Beg 1-3, Int 4,5, adv 6,7, Mc 8-10 ?! Thx, R.
  2. .... piece by piece ... should i really be able to exit on this one ???? Couldnt be any better song ... Still doubt it heavily.... :wacko:
  3. Definately feels like the hardest beg song since i am here, and rather easy int (esp. Rhy), but its perfectly ok, you are doing a worldclass job, thx again! @@storm20200 - i love that part :) - 5 mins RR starting 100% diff, 60% speed w acceleration makes u nail it!
  4. As i can use some speed exercise thx for the hint - am gonna check out the dragonguys!
  5. 1st try (didnt check it has DD on first 2 an thought you must be kidding :) )
  6. Lol! Me too was never interested in basses, always wondered why anyone would ever wanna play bass when he/she could go for A guitar... Well my first emulated bass line (drunk) was real fun, then Motive jumped right in as evil pusher (thx loads), and 10 days later i own 2 basses :) ... My main instrument is gonna stay the guitar for sure, but its realy fun to do the bass lines each week and - it sounds damn mighty... A well usable new bass is sold for less than 80€ / 100$, it's smthg you are gonna use at least once a week - for you as for me i'd say decision made :) R.
  7. Sorry but your argument is wrong the number of participant are a mix between int and MC player and there's less MC player for Jump Into the Fire Lead part than during the 43th week... Damn, you are right, forgot about that!
  8. I think one real argument for the two week schedule is more competition by more competitors finding time to play - when we look at week 44 - mc jump into the fire that was held for two weeks there is an all time record in number of mc competitors - 13(!). On the other hand i took two wins and a 2nd place in my entries - not that i'm not happy, but it might have partly to do with the # of competitors: 3, 2 and 1 (!) .... As the vote for or against seems to be on the edge, and we do have lots of experience with the one week - why not give the 2 weeks a try for two times, and vote for or agai
  9. read that, surely playin it anyway as i am extremely new to bass playin...
  10. anyone problems with white zombie file??? Crashes me at sog selection!!!
  11. No extra load on he mods when we go 4 classes / 2 weeks Same situation here - gives me a so needed goal to improve on one or two specific given songs . For me the extra week would be a clear benefit to push the score and my skills further instead of starting over again.
  12. +1 both votes... - 2 weeks: Oh i wish i was back @ university or school :) - just wait till you got a time consuming job, family with 2 kids and then you look back and compare the spare time for hobbies ;) For me, and i am a bloody beginner one week is quite unsatifying most of the time. Though having stopped all other activities aside and thus getting 60-90 mins 3-4 times a week aint enough to master my classes song, absolutely no time to really learn the next classes song. And i think i am not alone... I have checked the leaderboard from the beginnings yesterday and if you look back
  13. I think everybody would be better off with 2 week intervals for most of us have lots to do aside...
  14. Right - there is probaly no need and space for a class between beg and int, i rather thought about a class between int and mc and maybe an additional "insane" or for the Quake people amongst us "nightmare" class for the cracy guys aroud getting 97%+ on their first tries on mc songs...
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