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  1. great scores, guys - not a chance for me
  2. It means the player falls out of the leaderboard because he has no counting scores (places 1-4) from the last 10 weeks anymore.
  3. Oh man.... I see myself sitting in a Bar, having a beer, and then a guitar guy starts the evening with that version. silence spreads, ppl listen. Statement set. Really swingy, so slow, soo groovy. So dark. Well i think that is really a propper song for you to do when grabbing a guitar at some friends place or somewhere, you really made that yours. Bravo, If i ever shoot a movie - you will be there in a scene sitting somewhere in the back playing exactly that. Nena - of course. Thats gonna be a party.
  4. It says 2177 songs right now (with the xmas songs disabled) ... Thats all the songs from the Championships from the beginning plus ..... oh no! 300 purchased DLCs
  5. what a crazy bass week!!! oh yeah. 8.5ish
  6. thats a really really cool bass track
  7. ah, i love that album. hard song, 9 of course for the solo
  8. oh hard chords... well needed training, 7
  9. i think that´s a bit like it should be played. nice song
  10. @Mikson Bravo, you are kicking so hard again! Love that motivation.
  11. @Snakewizard has told me about recognition issues at the Wishing Well file which he has not run into in the OTHER VERSION available that has a similar chart. So - scores from both files will be valid for the Week!
  12. Upleveling news: @ShankDlevels up to Bass Int @ZeroPingNZand @Hyphemalevel up to MC Bass (unless they beg to stay down) CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! 10-week Leaderboard updated
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