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  1. Rules doc and song selection list have been updated for the brandnew bass-class-diff-ratings Beg 1-4 Int 5-6 Adv 7-8 Mc 8-9 Gog 10
  2. For me bass is fingerpicking, i never use a pick. I encourage evryone to try that You can use a pick whenever you want of course.
  3. Ich werde da sein! Rock!
  4. yd preparations are done !? let´s try that that´s a great tool, must protect my eyes!!! I suppose i can use the routed walls now as margins... that will be even more precise as i will have the flat of the bodyfront looks ok, let´s test ultratight - as expected and as wanted measure, measure, then go deeper nearly there i think cornerwork a lil more cornerwork needed that scrapers are soo cool tools - no sawdust, perfect planing, you are able to take away a lot of
  5. Ok... but what i can do all night is work on my fretboad, yay.... More sanding... so ... i like 12" radius... so.....going compound 10-14 will be the perfect and hard way... let´s bring that to sleep thats 2 yes I love the round edges of my strat ultra fretboard - gotta go for that, starting with 40gr on my now handle-modified piece of stone going in the right direction continuing with my version of a leveling beam, 120gr Pah.... what a picture, i think í´ll upload that on my photo frame coffee and i was thinkin
  6. Neck Pocket is next.... no idea if there is something that is really to be done or to avoid here... I think whats really needed is a good centerline matching neck and body creating that and checking looks ok, so marking the outlines with a sharp blade (though it was not really sharp anymore) i was thinking of creating a template for that routing job, but then decided against, cause it would be only usable on that guitar and a lot work to create... so i was thinking of just creating a temporary wooden wall with masking tape and super glue well... the wall
  7. Thinking and measuring neck-break angle... I thought that would best be done by try stringing and yes.. my breakangle with bridge stringheight adjustable from 9-12mm, the 6.5-7.8mm fretboard, 1.4-1.6mm frets and low action gives me a breakangle of 0.00° that should be ok, and in case of fire i should still be able to do minimal adjustments on either side... on the nut-side obviously and on the bridge side, lower is planing, higher is less planing or in the worst case put a piece of wood under the bridge, n.p. my newest tool - how could i live without???? s
  8. cool song, cannot comment tone as i play over amp
  9. It ain´t that bad for it is a year gone and really a good CS song.
  10. i wondered if i would again reach the 90, yay... just realised that my strins on my low-tuning LTD are still the same as last time
  11. oh, i remember that one - hard hard - 7.5, at least 7, not below
  12. never underestimate basses in Pop... 7.5 yeah, cool line. soring is perfect
  13. better, i think that´s it minus the slides and one note
  14. that´s a cool song, we played it 1 year ago - diff is 5 kda remember that bass
  15. A lil fix on the 1st frets slot that i fixed before, but the sawdust didnt´t get soaked by superglue in the deep, so after shaping of the fretboard i had to go again. Now it shall be good and not visible under the fret... Luthierism... not possible without superglue Oh no! - Let the fun begin! After few mins i had my own guitar shape - good? questionable! One that i have never seen - for sure. I just cannot make a copy of a copy, those can be bought. Installed a new blade on my cheap cheap cheap bandsaw - and hell - that tool cuts so precise!
  16. Ok, it´s done - bass arrangements have been resorted!! Rock!
  17. Back and straight back to my lil project. Had time to do a lot of thinking the last days, i think in my head i have a plan to go step by step till the end now... lol First i wanted to finish the neck so far to be able to start on the body ... and neckpocket. Was thinking if i should finish the neck first completely, but that would not leave me the opportunity to fix possible non-optimalities, yeah let´s put it that way on the neck side. So first i had to finish the sides on fretboard level to get the final pocket-shape My version of a good fret-leveling bea
  18. I´d suggest the following order for that weeks bass: (INT) White Limo 5.5 (INT Bonus) Thin Lizzy 5.5 (ADV) Beach Boys 6.5 (MC) The Gog Song 7 and we only would need a MC replacement if there are complaints because of the tuning. Nice week that is! ROCK!
  19. gog track is a 7, some 4 stringers might not like the tuning, it is clearly done for a 5-string. as i play fingerstyle only on bass maybe that helped
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