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  1. Happy Birthday Longstreet!

  2. Happy Birthday Longstreet!

  3. Happy Birthday Longstreet!

  4. Happy Birthday Longstreet!

  5. Happy Birthday Longstreet!

  6. Happy Birthday Longstreet!

  7. I am awesome, you got that right.
  8. Sorry son, you have to be Niko Bellic forever :') As long as i can kill my cousin, all is good.
  9. Wait, so are you telling me i CAN'T join TS disguised as luiza? Damn, and i just practiced her voice for this occasion....
  10. Why do you want to be a moderator? I'd like to have the chance to abuse some powers What do you bring to the Customs Forge community that is unique to you? My creepiness, there is no other like it. Cake or Pie? (this is important) As long as it is chocolate, i don't care. How much time do you spend on the site daily? Probably too much for my own sanity, but ill get back to you on that once i get a stopwatch. In the meantime, a fuckton. Have you filled out your profile information on the site? Ish, but only because i can't be arshed to fill out the rest. Have you ever been a Moderator
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