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  1. I can't wait to try it out James. Thank you. I appreciate it. If you ever decide to host a training session on how to do this, please add me to the attendee list. I'd love to get started, and I have read through the online tutorial, but am a bit reluctant. For instance, I have no idea why one song is in E and another is in E-flat (I get drop-D). I'm sure there are others like me that would give this a try with a walkthrough where we could ask a few questions along the way.
  2. Awesome!!! Thank you!
  3. Bass for me. I've played many of your creations James, and they have all been great. If you have time for How Soon Is Now, I'd appreciate it. Thanks, and thanks for the the library of work you have already shared. How this song was ever a B-Side is one of life's great mysteries.
  4. The Smiths - How Soon Is Now Thanks to all the creators of CDLC!
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