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  1. @@Shiroo I love the song names, but really? dead inside the last? really?!
  2. Quoted as the truth needs to be spread :D
  3. yes i believe everyones listening to it right now :D should have figured it out since almost every active person from muse thread is online :D
  4. and a great year to you too! should have some fine music 2015 muse, qotsa , something to look forward to!
  5. hmmmm, I thought RobotMom uploaded it on CustomsForge but it seems like no. I can do it as soon as I'm done with Citizen Erased LIVE. Yeah i had the same feeling that it is floating somewhere, much appreciated :)
  6. Quick question, do you guys have plans for "Eternally Missed"? Such a gem cannot be well... missed :D
  7. Hoooly... hell, this is awesome! I still have to play the last one but your CDLC's are quality so far so i dont expect that to change now :) Great work!
  8. oh i see sorry my bad ;) but all in all sweet ;D
  9. Awesome, you're sure that's the list for whole summer? :D the tempo you've been making those is insane ! ;). Oh and btw you said you had almost done ... Like Clockwork (the song), what happend to that?
  10. Wow man, 2 in 1 day, you weren't kidding when you said marathon. We all appreciate your tireless efforts to bring us most if not all QOTSA songs here :) cheers to you :)
  11. Best News since yesterdays QOTSA concert!
  12. I miss notification from this topic, maybe you guy do too soo... you're welcome :D Sorry for the false alert and not to make this worthless completely, any progress in QOTSA songs?;)
  13. cant wait for the whole album and the updated songs, you rule man!
  14. yeah, man this thread is full of awesome. Unfortunately our QOTSA CDLC's creators are on well deserved hiatus right now. Either time to learn how to do it or... wait. ;)
  15. Well this is a bummer, but we all get it. Your customs were all excellent and we await your return ;)
  16. Well it is a shame, but he also needs to realize - you go online you need to take a little abuse every now and then. ;)
  17. Well we've been proven wrong and its not a shame to admit that. He made progress, seems like his is committed which is good. He also has to understand scepticism that we've had when he unloaded a ton of muse songs just like that. Looking forward for further improvements ;)
  18. Era Vulgaris is weird enough to be curious about the outcome of it :D cant wait for more !;)
  19. Will you guy's go by albums (like kiscsak doing ...LC and opensec SFTD) or this will be more randomly created? (just curious both ways are great :D)
  20. The worst thing here (for me) is that he actually charted songs i was the most looking forward to try. And yes i dont create them just leach them ;) (maybe someday when workload is less :D)
  21. I have to agree with you guys, those aren't great job and i dont expect him to improve on those CDLS
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