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  1. Aslam

    CDLC Requests

    Midwest Pen Pals - Movies Like Juno , there is a lot covers for this song and beginning riffs was always played with some sort of compliation for emotional riffs
  2. I have a specific problem with the Rocksmith cable. The cable is not detectable in the game, I can not hear sounds while playing the guitar. The cable is detected by my device manager. Suddenly, after two years, my cable stopped working. I changed the settings in Rocksmith and microphone ... Cable replacement is not possible because Ubisoft sends me to the office in the UK, and then the cable is too expensive to send. The purchase of a new cable is also quite expensive, as for the price-to-money ratio per hour of work. in which I live. Help me, I'm desperate and I really liked this game.
  3. Aslam

    Problem with cable

    I have Win 7 and i coudn't found any seetings which was mention on this topic about "Win 10 update"
  4. This program would damage/broke my cable? I don't know how but while i deleted some duplicates some my cable dosen't work. I tried almost everything, update drivers, plug cable on another computer. Cable is reconasiable by computer ( on devices list as a microphone ). Any suggestion/advices? I complete upset by this problem...
  5. This list is not complete compare with the amount of power metal songs which was relase recently.
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