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  1. Check ultimate-guitar, there's like a billion different tabs for it. It's the most popular song on the site atm.
  2. TBF lad I'd have a crack but there's no tabs on the net that I've found and I'm not a trained musician so whatever I produce is likely to be utter gash. JamesPreston. You sir, are a god amongst men.
  3. Sorry to necro, but. 12 months later, still no Hawkwind. This is a criminal omission. Someone else fix it. Please. E2A: https://youtu.be/_DZsbGA1CcA
  4. I'd like to throw a hand up for 'Earth that was' by Star One. Struggling to find tabs for it.
  5. Mate, games installed through steam don't go into program files like normal apps, Steam has it's own internal folder structure. Quite likely if you uninstalled steam it's uninstalled RS as well. You'll have to reinstall Steam if you want to play any games purchased through it.
  6. Strangely enough, I was only thinking about this one last week. I hope you have the correct number of strings on your weapon of choice? Probably not! Only got a 6 string Ibanez, may well buy a 2nd hand bass of ebay in the next month or so - just need to swing it past the missis and it's her birthday this month. Priorities, priorities!
  7. Am sure this will never happen but if some heroic madman does choose to take on the task I'll be eternally grateful.
  8. I'd like to request 'I' by Hemina, love 'dem solo's & fat riffs.
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