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  1. Happy Birthday skysymphony!

  2. Happy Birthday skysymphony!

  3. Just passing by. I want to request Orignal Fire by Audioslave (from Revelations album, 2006) on PC. Thanks in Advance! Also I don't know if it is appropriate to post this here. The song "Fear of a blank planet by Porcupine Tree" tone was not working. Can anyone fix it?
  4. Probably my first thread here. Hello to anyone who will read this. Last month I accidentally uninstalled my steam and this also uninstalled my RS2014 folder. all of it. then I never knew RS remastered the 2014 version and here I thought I could play normally like I usually do and now all my cdlcs are not working. I know I need the cherub rock file. but I'm curious, way back 2 years ago when I begun to buy my copy and download cdlcs to play, I didn't bought the song but all the files are working. Is it because I downloaded a "cherub rock" file on net? and why is it I cannot play RS now w
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