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  1. If anyone can do any songs by the pillows, I'd really appreciate it. Especially anything from OOPArts, Pied Piper, Moondust or Stroll and Roll
  2. Hi, If this thread is still active, I've just finished my first two cdlcs and want to get opinions on them e.g. if they're too easy, too hard, bugged, etc. They're original songs made by me so there's not really anything to compare them to. If the thread isn't still actve, could anyone who's willing try them and then pm me the feeback? Also I didn't do anything with tones or DD so if you have any tips or suggestions please let me know Thanks 1st Song: http://www.mediafire.com/file/atf53vm4d459f2s/Bad-Songs-LTD_No-Regrets_v1_p.psarc/file 2nd Song: http://www.mediafire.com/file/p5np5n3438ky7eo/BadSongsLTD_Kimi-ha-Ganbaru-Kai_v1_p.psarc/file
  3. Not to try to change the topic, but that download link is broken, at least for me. Thanks for solving the problem Edit: The stable release download link
  4. I'm creating a cdlc for an original song, I've done one before and it worked but for this one, there's some sort of a problem and I'm not sure what's gone wrong. If anyone has any idea please let me know. The error message was: Thanks in advance EDIT: For some reason, it worked after I moved the album art into the Rocksmith Toolkit tmp folder
  5. Thanks for the advice. do you have anyone you could recommend approaching about this?
  6. @@firekorn Sorry to be annoying, but do you have any idea what is causing this. I can tell it's saying that a file is missing but when i searched it online, nothing came up. this is a screenshot
  7. This is my first post on the forum so i apologize if i miss out any details that should've been added. I made a cdlc for an original song that I made. I followed the tutorial to the best of my ability and it was fine in EoF. after I converted it into a cdlc file, it shows up on rocksmith, but when I try to start the song, it does the tuning but then just shows the game screen for like 5-8 seconds and then ends the song without anything playing and goes to the results screen. I have no idea what i might have done wrong so i'd appreciate any help I can get to sort this out. These are the files for the song http://www.mediafire.com/?md0szg29lro9n Thanks in advance
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