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  1. One of the Top 10 Canadian Classic Rock Songs with a wicked solo Mama Let Him Play - Jerry Doucette I came across recently a series of youtube videos with lessons for the song, including the solo. He also offers the tabs in a dropbox link on the video's description. Intro and Chorus - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33pSeufE5WA Solo part 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zx-dRE8Fr4Q Solo part 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7jpsRIjVas
  2. I went to the local music store, while looking at guitars, I saw the Yamaha revstars, looked pretty cool. Got home and while looking for reviews on youtube, I stumbled across a couple of channesl called Rob Champman / Andertons Music Co , very funny duo that review guitars/gear and do challenges. People have described them as the Top gear of the guitar world. Anyways, they had a nice review on revstars and I really liked the Yamaha RS720B Japanese Denim. I like my LP but when it comes to reaching the higher frets, it's a bit of a pain, I find the Strat more comfortable. I think I'll head down to the store and get a feel for one, see how I like it. Btw thank you for the advice for the Digitech Drop Pedal, that is brilliant!! Only thing that sucks is the price difference, Amazon US is 160 USD for the compact version, here at the store is 275 CND, and the canadian Amazon has it for 220 CND. I think amazon it is.
  3. May I recommend you use the Brave Browser? Built in ad block, very sweet piece of software.
  4. I have 3 guitars, a 96 MIM strat (my first guitar) , a 2013 or 14 LTD SSH mh-103 I think (2nd guitar), and my favourite the MIK epiphone les paul black beauty with 3 pickups. Les paul is my favourite because it looks so gorgeus, and because I'm lazy to get up and grab another guitar with a different tune to play other songs that are not E standard and so I just tune my les paul. I want to buy a new or used guitar that I can change tunes for different songs without worrying about if I remember where my alen key is. Try different thickness of strings and not have to add extra springs for the tremolo, or remove them, or mess with the screws. But I still want to have a wammy bar for small vibratos. I was thinking about anything with a bigsby. An epiphone ES-355? I like the Casino, ES-335, ES-355, Lucille look, but what I read is that the Casino being hollow, the neck is further in for extra strength and so the access to higher frets is harder, and also lots of feedback. Opinions?
  5. i can't believe I even forgot this, how about the Twisted Sister christmas album?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAzE73oly50
  6. This is a song I like to listen a lot during christmas time and it has some nice simple riffs. Billy Squier - Christmas is the time to say I love you I don't know how to do custom songs but if someone is interested, it's something to consider.
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