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  1. of course bro. And I'm VERY GRATEFUL to all the people involved in creating the patch. I'm running Mojave and if I update to the last version of Rocksmith and apply the new patch all the songs are "recognized" but for instance on some of them the cover is not showed and if I click on the track, it just disappear. Other songs freezes after tuning and some others works . I've to try it on Catalina (but at this moment I can't update because some other software may have compatibility issues). I tried to install the most recent version of Rocksmith and the new patch a couple of times but I had to rollover to my previous version because of this issue. Again, THANKS for all the work you're putting into this!
  2. The best solution I managed to get it working is this, but there are like 200 songs that does not recognize and I can't login to Ubisoft servers any longer... but at least I managed to play 922 songs, sometimes it recognizes 933 ... some other 922... weird shit. (you have to apply the old patch to make this version works. Yes, 64bit is out of beta. CDLC broken for all Mac users - Catalina or not, beta or not. Must roll back to keep CDLC working - if you don't have a local backup do this: Open steam://open/console Type download_depot 221680 221682 4859621902623758730 Wait quite a loooooong time Move the files from obscure location (steam console will tell you where) to the usual place Rerun the patch
  3. Anybody got it working in Mojave with latest version of Rocksmith? I applied the patch (no errors here). The CDLC are shown but with no cover (the dissapear after try to play it). Funny thing is that it recognizes 1040 songs. Since I can't play CDLC, I rolled back to a previous Rocksmith version (via STEAM / CONSOLE, there's a reddit post explaining how to do this.) and that version works (BUT, it only recognizes 922 songs. Bad thing is that is does not connect to Ubisoft services thus my purchased DLC's are not shown. But at least I can play the other 922 songs. :-D
  4. HI! I'm having troubles with some cdlc. After tuning song wont start. The cdlcs are: Aerosmith - amazing Michael Schenker Group - captain nemo The Beatles - drive my car Some other cldcs worked falwlessly but those does not work on my system. Does it works in yours? Can anybody give it a try ? Best!!!!
  5. Thanks a lot buddy!! This is quite helpful for newbies like me! Ver much appreciatted. By the way I hope my little 3yr boy will play them on a near future :-)
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