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  1. some slight improvements tonight...... INT Bass..... and INT Rhythm......... better than i thought was going to get after last weeks dismal effort, at least my fingers had some idea where they were heading......didn't quite get there but knew where they wanted to be....
  2. had a quick go at the Int bass.....very enjoyable hope i get time for another few goes.......
  3. I may not get to participate this week as I am going to Liverpool to see Deacon Blue @ Aintree.......... I'll try to get a couple of goes in just to keep my efforts up to date.....but they are not going to be good :rolleyes:
  4. Friday night update, no improvement on the Megadeth song,this is mostly because i haven't played it so i had a few goes at the Metric song on lead....... Then i had a go at the Bass, because i like the song and wanted to get at least one 100% this week...... and because of this resounding success and brimming with confidence i decided to go for a better score on the Electric Six toon........ wearing just a pink string vest and tight leather boxer shorts i managed this score...... off to bed once I've applied some talc....... :unsure:
  5. good evening all, i had to have another go at Megadeth just to see if i dislike it as much as i thought...... I probably won't be playing this again as it is a bit out of my league, too fast too furious and too painful. so i put on my leather chaps, put an LED light in my pants and went on to the Adv Bass Electric six which, weirdly i quite enjoy I know i am going to get smoked by Covinhas87 but thats all part of the fun,
  6. @@Mortalo I also found some parts of the Mehadeth tune 'a little bit tricky' In fact I found it all very tricky and I couldn't play this if I had another 10 fingers as my brain does not compute as quickly as the notes come hurling at me from my Mac screen. I found myself laughing at my lack of hand, finger, string co-ordination then frown as the muscle pain started to seize all fingers up just as the skin on my finger split (super glue has done the trick) I will be having another go as soon as my tendons heal and I advise everyone to give this tune at least one play through just to see how qu
  7. Here is my first screen shots for the week, i've had a go at a few of the songs with varying success. First is my attempt at Megadeth on lead, i tried on SA but i got 3 XXX's every time which is quite good as i feel i deserved at least 10 ! then i have the Electric six on bass, not really my cup of tea and reminds me of a pub just off of Oxford Street i once went in a few years ago (by accident of course) this pub seemed completely devoid of ladies for some reason.....hmmm anyway heres the score. i tried and tried on lead but can't get a score yet so i had a go at Metric, which i li
  8. Hi @@Rodman i am not sure if i am ready to progress to Adv yet but i will give this weeks song a go and see how i get on. I joined the championship to improve my guttering skills so i welcome the quick advance i have made over the weeks plus giving Megadeth a spin means i won't have to play Electric Six (sorry Noony :rolleyes: ) Do i get the opportunity to move back down if i struggle ?
  9. :o good score ......@@covinhas87...... i just can't do it you are a star........everybody ........wants ....to be ....a .....star........ i just can't listen to it anymore, its in my head.... in my dreams......... new songs please .....
  10. i can't believe @@covinhas87 has beaten my bass score........how long left ?
  11. played this too many times......... but just had to get better scores, fingers bleeding ears bleeding and my heart is bleeding Well I thought i'd played the bass too many times....... the lead is just taking the piss. thanks for another fun week, broadband is back so more practice next week,
  12. Couldn't leave it, just a small improvement to worry the 98% guys...... Ignore the red XX's, that was just my guitar complaining :rolleyes:
  13. No....... I thought I had got the intermediate rhythm but @@Vodka has beaten my score, which means I'll have to have another go. Then I see that I've been beaten by a better 100% on bass by @@covinhas87 ! My Thunderbird is going to hate me for putting it through that song again. I'm crap at the lead so I'm not that bothered although I might have another little try...... If I beat 98% someone is going to bloody beat it anyway ..... Hahaha
  14. No improvement tonight as I downloaded 'old Macdonald had a farm' by @@Rodman My little grand daughter is going to love it..... And yes I did get 100%
  15. I'm Back, still no broadband but 4G hasn't run out yet :P then Rhythm......... Lead is a bit more of a struggle with my pooh sausage fingers...... As i said this is not my cup of tea, but will keep plugging on..........but come Sunday this will be gone from my CDLC list,and won't be missed hahahaha. Everyone has different tastes in music so please don't take offence to my taste, variety is what its all about and i wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't fun.
  16. Thanks to my iphone6s, and 4g connection I managed to download the Intermediate tune and get as few plays in last night. Not my cup of tea but I'll give it a go during the week hopefully getting past the dreaded 3 XXX's eventually.(my guitar registers perfectly sometimes then gives up...... I go from perfect to miss on the same bloody note!!!) Needless to say I have no Screen shots as yet but hoping for 90+ by the end of the week.
  17. I am feeling Nooney's pain for different reasons. I have been informed that someone has put a digger through the Tele Communications wire resulting in no Broadband, this could take up to 2 weeks to repair so not only am I falling behind in the championship but will also loose my skull emblem. going to try other ways of getting on line but not holding much hope. :(
  18. Another day without internet, just hope they fix the bloody thing soon, no scores this week so far. Its getting frustrating, I need a reason to throw some picks about the room like Vodka and shout at the computer a bit which improves my score no end. Plus I haven't broken any strings this week ! :angry:
  19. Thanks to British Telecom I have no Fecking internet, so no guitar for me until they fix it ! Itching to try these songs but after rushing home to get a few run throughs in before the match.... Nothing. On the plus side Spurs just beat Stoke 4-0
  20. No chance to even try the songs this weekend, one of the ladies in my life came to stay...... Hard work looking after a beautiful 7 months old granddaughter and play guitar ...... Needless to say she wins hands down
  21. Thanks @@missis sumner I'll try it tomorrow, I had trouble with Apache a few weeks ago but I think Motive sorted it. Seems like there will be a lot of high scores this week, so I need to get started asap
  22. I couldn't conver Joey Ramone or Pawel..... To Mac for some reason...... Any ideas ?
  23. oops i put the wrong Blu Hearts score........
  24. here's my latest scores, i might get another half hour or so before the pub calls..... now this one may look like i have played it nearly 50 times but at least 80% of those didn't make it past he first 20 seconds, always stopped by the embarrassing red XXX i never thought i could get this sort of score at the beginning of the week and would have given up normally, but had to chase the good guys :rolleyes: and because of Green Day i never had the time for Eric :( looking forward to another week of numb fingers and droopy wrist.
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