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  1. Rocksmith 2014 only has one playlist. It would have been so easy for them to make it with multiple playlists. I could have a Gary Moore playlist, a heavy metal playlist and one for others. Sorting the song order by one variable is also a bit of a fail. I want to sort it primarily by tuning and then by mastery. So when I bother to change the tuning I can make the most of it without wasting time. Being able to remove some of the original content songs would be good too. All these things are simple file management issues. They surely would have done it, unless they were saving it so that I have to buy Rocksmith 2016. At least I hope a new version with better file management comes out.
  2. That sounds like a buffer problem, not a problem within Rocksmith. Try changing the settings for your usb input, if you can. To remove the delay, you need to reduce the buffer. There's also a latency option within Rocksmith that you can try to change if you can't change the buffer on your usb input. It's a bit of a pain though because it relies on you visually timing everything to be in sync. Also make sure that your computer meets or exceeds the minimum system requirements for Rocksmith. If it doesn't, you'll never get a perfectly smooth gaming experience no matter how many of the visuals you turn off. If it only just meets the requirements, it's a good idea to close down as many apps and processes as you can before running the game. That way all of your computer's resources will be available for RS. Thanks, It's the sound of the guitar that lags. Doesn't the latency just change the backing track to the notes on the screen?? Although I could be wrong. It hasn't mattered much because my guitar sound comes out of the amp. It's only two player when I've been noticing it.
  3. I got a guitar amp (Fender Champ 12) with a 1 volt line out. Guitar to amp to rocksmith cable. 0 guitar volume on the computer. My nephew's amp (Vox AC5??) doesn't have a 1 volt line out, so I'd have needed a splitter. I'd decide on the amp, then see if you need the splitter. Guitar straight into the computer gives me bad lag. I think it takes about 1/3 of a second for the computer to process the sound. Probably just my computer isn't the best and I haven't turned any of the visuals off.
  4. Lead guitar 76 Europe - Cherokee 88.7% 67 Judas Priest - Breaking the Law 97% I never use riff repeater and I never learn less than 40 songs at a time, that's my excuse.
  5. I've seen a couple of eddie cochran's, a gene vincent, buddy holly and a few chuck berry's. I guess you've found all of them already. I wouldn't mind some light-hearted chirpy nasty pop/dance suggestions from the early 90's, lol. I found EMF -unbelieveable and there's no transvision vamp on here. Any ideas, anyone?
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