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  1. Follow this blue link, could help you. If you're looking for the steam/common folder just do SHIFT/CMD/G and enter : ~/Library/Application Support/Steam The link leads to an outdated dll. Regards, ;-)
  2. Hi guys, I had a lot of troubles to find the right folder into Mac Finder (July 2014). This is an easy way to find it. Go to finder: Mac HD Use : Cmd_shift_G and write exactly this: ~/Library/Application Support/Steam The hidden STEAM folder will appear, go to SteamApps/common/rocksmith2014/dlc.regards, Same way as Guvnor513!
  3. Hi guy's, To convert CDCL: Just download the software Song Creator from http://www.rscustom.net/, inside this you'll find a converter. I use it on Windows and convert all CDLC to Xbox (but you can choose what you want to convert). Works perfectly for me. Also see : https://github.com/rscustom/rocksmith-custom-song-toolkit/releases/tag/
  4. Hello everybody, I use XBOX 360 platform, do I need to install a GLITCH on my console to use / import CDLC files? (I all ready have official DLC placed in my XBOX) If I do NOT need a GLITCH, witch steps do I need to do to put CDLC on my XBOX? Thanx guys!
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