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  1. Happy Birthday Rufomasta!

  2. Happy Birthday Rufomasta!

  3. Happy Birthday Rufomasta!

  4. I came back yet agaain!

  5. Came back! It's been a while, I've some charts to test and try!

  6. Pick sliding... Well, as I have been reading through the forums you cant chart them. So most charters do it by putting a unpitched slide.
  7. Sure thing! I will help you, you can talk me by PMs, so i can have a clear thing about what you want to chart :D
  8. If they are related to this group i would gladly work on some dlcs :3.
  9. Cant pin down The Hives Fuzzy sound, any help?

  10. Hey t'all you lads! Im currently working on No pun intended by the Hives, next to that I shall see if I chart Brave Heart (from Digimon) and Dynamite of Scorpions. See ya!
  11. Hola chicos! Que bueno haber encontrado este grupo. Soy Rufo y me gusta hacer CDLC, principalmente de canciones de anime ya que hay muy pocas que estan para rocksmith. Ademas de algunas otras canciones que no esten o de bandas que no sean tan conocidas para el comun de la gente. En este hilo ire subiendo los custom que ya tengo hechos y los que hare a medida del tiempo. Saludos!
  12. I have uploaded a new chart! Hope you like it and i wait your feedback. Cheers mates! <3
  13. Came back to upload new CDLC!

  14. Hello Mentlegen. I'm Rufomasta, I play guitar and sing in the band I made. I mainly like music, not really defined styles, just because I like. I love anime songs, most of them at least. Tho I like ONE OK ROCK as a band, mainly. I have a tiny little set of customs and I will get back to do some customs. Hope you like them as I work more with more suggestions :3. Nice to meet ya :D.
  15. Hey people, I am Rufomasta. I like to do what I want. Yes, I have ADW. I make customs and I love it! Nao I come to deliver to you the latest CDLC I made. I will be uploading this thread as I upload more songs. Go Go MANIAC!! (K-On OP) Spice (Shokugeki no Souma ED) Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari (Bakemonogatari ED)[Adopted]
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