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  1. Happy Birthday Savage Harv!

  2. Happy Birthday Savage Harv!

  3. Happy Birthday harv337!

  4. Hello, I just got some RS2012 cdlc's and wanted to add them to game. I don't remember if I had to just unpack and update app id and put in rocksmith file or what? Do i need dll or patcher?? any of that type of stuff?? Thanks!!
  5. Thanks!! I'll check the link you sent.
  6. also I can play the songs on game and also purchased songs but nothing on any of the 50+ songs I tried?
  7. Hi I'm not sure why but I'm adding dlc's to my new cpu which I have downloaded steam and RS and RS2014. So I download dlc use song creator and unpack then update app id then put into RS2014 dlc file in steam program file. songs show up and it'll let me tune for song but then that's it? nothing showing up? I've done this hundreds of times on my old cpu's but I can't figure out what the problem is. Any help suggestions? Thanks, Harv337
  8. I forgot how to turn the parsec files into dat. and change appid I did change some files to dat by changing parsec to dat but when I try and use song creator tool I'm not able to see files to update appid. what am I forgetting or doing wrong I have alot of songs from smithyanvil and I recognize the sites where i got songs before, but my memory is @($)$_!! so any help would be appreciated.
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