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  1. squirrel nut zippers Squirrel Nut Zippers "Hell" - Music Video directed by Norwood Cheek and Grady Cooper - YouTube
  2. Please Please please, will one of you guys chart this song for me the band name and song name are' .. Blood dance - walk the night.. I would be very appreciative for this song in my library bass and lead... thank you very much in advance!!
  3. Wow man, thanks for these.. We all appreciate all your hard work and time.. thanks again man!!!
  4. right on man!!! could you please add bass to some of the deftones that you added that's missing bass? great band, love all their songs
  5. collecting as much cdlc as i possibly can! :P

  6. ya there is a button up there to request your fav songs that NOBODY ever checks or makes your fav songs into cdlc's...... #requestfeaturegarbage #wasteofyourtime #dontbother
  7. arcade fire plz, here comes the night time, sprawl 2
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