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  1. You should be able to see the patterns, if you look closely. I find the colours make it easier.. :) From 'E' string, Octave is diagonal across 3 strings - except when going onto the 'e' and 'B' strings, as they are skewed one extra semitone (one fret) to the right..
  2. +1 Yep, got one and it's the bomb. You can program different cabs, amps, pedals and other effects on the PC (and assign stomp pedals to each) then when you're done, send it to the HD500x via USB. You can tweak it directly on the device (or create it from scratch), of course - but it's easier on the PC, if you know what kit you want.. :) There are thousands of custom tones available to download (some are for lower models, but you can check the config and use this to create your own).. No, I don't work for Line6.. ;)
  3. I've posted an earlier version of this previously - though not in it's own topic. Maybe it will help someone; I use it as a desktop wallpaper.. Basically it's all the notes on a Fretboard (EStd tuning). I thought the ones I could find online were, well, a bit crap - so I did my own. This is updated with a higher res, scales and a graphic.. Update... v7 Changed background to Black. Shouldn't blind you anymore.. :) Previous one is in same public folder.. Cheers, H Link to reversed image (with low E at top and high e at bottom). Right click and 'view original' to get high res version. https://www.dropbox.com/s/32b3a7xy4yye42c/FretBoard%20NP%20V5flip.jpg?dl=0
  4. Well, it was two years before HolyWars was released on RiP. :) I was, at most, 14 so it was an 'experience'...
  5. I think I was in fact partly 'responsible' for the Rust in Peace Album.. ;) http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1P2-19847748.html Showing my age now.. ;)
  6. Rust in Peace is a great album. Everything just 'worked'.. (Very apt for it's day too, I suppose) Had it on cassette when it came out. Had it on in the car a few weeks back too (though MP3 this time).. :)
  7. Yep, I think it's Intermediate - maybe in the higher end of the Intermediate scale (compared to others I've played) but easier than Jump into the Fire. Only thing is, I'm not sure I like the song that much. Probably give it a few tries then back on to Jump ITF for some wrist torture... ;) I'd ideally like to pick maybe 10 songs that I really want to be able to play and then get very, very good on them; preferably in master mode. If there was a bit of structure to this, then great.. I don't really LEARN songs playing them in Hard - I just learn to play them.
  8. It feels like my left hand has jumped into the fire.. Hell of a workout! Been concentrating on Lead, so thought I'd give Rhythm a try. 2 mins in RR and then had a go.. :) Needs some work, but OK so far.. Rhythm INT (?) 85% 102 streak.. Lead is another matter entirely. :/ http://i1337.photobucket.com/albums/o680/Hostilian/Capture_zps2f61d543.jpg
  9. It depends.. :) If you have spare cash burning a hole in your pocket, then you have some options. I personally like the Line6 gear (I've a HD 500x - which is great) but it's way more than I need just now. Mind you, it's pretty future proof. There are models down the price range (Pod etc). I'd suggest heading into a store and checking them out. That's what I did with mine. :)
  10. What do you have just now; Amp/Cab/Head/Pedals etc..
  11. Impressive @@Num14, Most Impressive. ObiWan has taught you well.. Thanks man.. Very useful.. :) (how long have u been playing, out of imterest?)
  12. @@Num14 - Video (fret hand) of your Jump into the fire (Lead) play through pretty-please!! :)
  13. Worry not @. I wont sacrifice sound quality.. Going to give it a go anyway and see how I get on. If I can't take it up to 100%, so be it.. :)
  14. 69% 64 streak is where I am just now (JitF).. Screenshot didnt capture and then I was back to the normal song screen. Grrr. At 100% speed it's pretty much a disaster in the first riff - It is out of my league.. The solo is of course worse. ;) 80% is fine at the moment.. I'll be trying 1 or 2 % increments.. Hope to see an improvement by next week, given enough time to practice it - and my hand stops throbbing.. :) EDIT.. Oh, it saved a screenshot after all... ;) and @@Mortalo, can I suggest "Master of Leaderboards?" http://i1337.photobucket.com/albums/o680/Hostilian/Capture_zps506ea422.jpg
  15. Lol, @ I'm definitely not Masterclass at the moment. I am not even sure that JitF is achievable for me at 100% speed but I'm going to give it a try. It makes a big difference when learning if you know and like the song. Maybe I'll allow two weeks for next week's MC then. I'll need it. :)
  16. Ahhh CRrrrap.. I've just spent all morning RiffRepeating the intro to Jump Into the Fire.. Guess I should've checked first. :) Just back from a few days away and gawd, that intro riff is a hell of a warm up. My left hand feels like it's been Napalmed.. If you don't mind, I am going to keep trying INT JitF this week as it will definitely help with my speed - and I like the song. :wub: Just for fun, I suppose, as it's no longer official. :ph34r: #H
  17. Up to 89% last night (after another play) on SoaD but the song isn't grabbing me.. Will give some other songs a go (along with other practicing) - so good luck to all! :)
  18. Not much.... My personal ritual is time spent grinding beans then making a strong black cup of coffee.. As it comes! :D I quite like it with a shot of Rum (and some sugar) or a shot of Baileys.. Though that's a very occasional out-for-a-meal thing! :)
  19. Quite pleased considering I didn't know the song before I listened to it on Youtube yesterday. First playthrough (after a quick look in RR) and 86% with 61 streak... LEAD INT Err... You sure this is Intermediate? http://i1337.photobucket.com/albums/o680/Hostilian/Capture_zpsd944ad46.jpg
  20. Underrated as in you think the band was better than people thought it was - or underrated as in it didn't get much airtime or media coverage? Most of the online polls seem to be about the latter..
  21. Motorcycle bikini wash?!!? Do they wash mountain bikes? ;) Nice pics and vids!
  22. That's like asking BMW vs VW. Just buy the Gibson.. ;)
  23. Don't forget about YouTube too.. Used it earlier for chord shapes for a green day song. Yeah, RS shows you the notes, but it doesn't show you the shortcuts and shapes that will eventually (hopefully) become second nature..
  24. There is a PRS custom 24 with a FR as well.. Having a look at that too.
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