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  1. Bonus Bass issue again: So I've imported the timeless [Daryl-Hall-and-John-Oates_Sara-Smile_v3_1_LRBV_DD_LACEYB_p] charted by @ When I view this song in Rocksmith 2014 Remastered, it says "Bonus Bass" and when I go to play it in 'Learn a Song,' RS crashes to desktop. I've been told that the issue is there are too many arrangements. I know you can't see all of them in the list, but they are: 2x Bass2x Guitar - Lead2x Guitar - RhythmVocalsShowLights http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b324/davemweber/Screen%20Shot%2010-19-16%20at%2011.18%20AM.png My pressing questions are: 1. Why are there duplicates of bass, lead, and rhythm? 2. If I want to play this CDLC without it crashing, which arrangements should I remove? Thank you, community, for your continued help.
  2. Ok Thank you for the reply. So I need to edit the CDLC and remove some of the arrangements? I'm usually happy with just lead guitar and bass guitar (vocals are nice too, but I don't know if they count as an "arrangement") so I could just delete all others and repackage it?
  3. I've done the remastered shortcut on the desktop thing and it seems to work on repackaging my CDLCs, but I still have many CDLCs that show up as "Bonus Bass" in the song details screen in Rocksmith. They crash Rocksmith to desktop when I try to play them in "Learn a Song." I've searched the thread and don't see a fix for the "Bonus Bass" issue. Can anybody provide me with some assistance in getting these CDLC tracks to work again in RS Remastered? Thank you.
  4. Thanks for the reply and the information. Can I remove the arrangements I don't want or would only the original CDLC author be able to do that?
  5. About 5-10% of my CDLC crashes to desktop when I get to that song's launch screen in Learn a Song mode (before I even get into the song to play). I notice that the phrase "Bonus Bass" appears at the top left in all those cases when the crash occurs. What is "bonus bass" for CDLC anyway? Thanks.
  6. I really like the dashboard view. Great work on that. http://ignition.customsforge.com/dashboard Seeing the most downloaded CDLC is great, but is there any way to see beyond the top 50? Like, 51-100, 101-150, 151-200, etc.? I also like seeing what CDLC has been uploaded since my last visit on the "Newest 10 DLC" list, but if more than 10 have been uploaded since my last visit, I can't see all of what I missed. Thank you.
  7. Owner doesn't know the model. Wondering if you can help me out. $80 for bass, stand, and bag. Should I jump on it? For reference, the cheapest Yamaha bass I see on Musician's Friend is $200.
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